Terror strikes again – in Eilat and Petach Tikva

Two of the more unlikely places in Israel to fall victim to terror attacks found themselves the target this week.

The first attack, on Wednesday, was claimed by ISIS who fired missiles into Eilat. They were immediately shot down by Iron Dome and thank G-d there were no injuries.

An Islamic State-affiliated terror group on Thursday claimed an attack that saw four rockets fired at the Red Sea resort city of Eilat in southern Israel from the Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday night.

Watch the video below:

The attack in Eilat was followed by an attack in my sleepy hometown of Petach Tikva, when a terrorist opened fire near the local shuk (market) and then continued his spree as he ran into the center of town.

Six people were wounded in a combination shooting and stabbing attack Thursday afternoon in a Petah Tikva market.

At 4:42, MDA first responders were dispatched to the market after the MDA Yarkon Region call center received a report regarding the attack.

MDA Emergency responders report that two men and two women were wounded in the attack, including a man and woman in their 50s, a man in his 40s, and a woman in her 30s.

Most of the victims were shot by the terrorist, while at least one was stabbed.

Six people in all were injured, thank G-d none of them seriously. He was chased by local residents, some armed with nothing more than brooms and sticks. Watch the video below, especially around the 1:18 mark.

He was eventually immobilised by a sewing machine thrown at him!


A bloodied sewing machine used to immobilise the terrorist in Petach Tikva

It’s chilling to think that it could have been any one of us or my family at the scene yesterday.  My daughter and I had considered popping in to town but decided we were too tired after sleepless nights with the new baby.

Let’s hope and pray for better news, and give thanks to Hashem that there were no serious injuries in either of these attacks.

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  2. Reality says:

    What a scare!Thank G-d you didn’t go to town.
    Let’s hope for better news.
    What’s really terrifying is that ISIS is trying to pull us into starting a war in Gaza.All the papers were making a big deal of Palestinians killed there .Too bad.If Trump can stop Islamists from entering America we can kill those who try to kill us.

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