Livingstone, Labour and Antisemitism – David Hirsh

Ken Livingstone has been in the news again for his same old “party trick” of conflating Zionism with Nazism, and then having the temerity to deny that being “only” anti Zionist does not make one an antisemite.

Well, in his case it certainly does!

And yet Livingstone was once again let off the hook by the Labour Party which declined to expel him for his vile bigotry, instead delivering him a mere slap on the wrist in the form of a suspension.

A slap on the wrist for him and a slap in the face of British Jewry.

And Red Ken remains unrepentant, comparing the tribunal to a show trial in North Korea: (via Harry’s Place):


Harry’s Place also bring to our attention the revolting Guardian cartoon by Steve Bell which supports Livingstone in his claim of a “kangaroo court”.

And Marc Goldberg discusses the malign effect Livingstone’s words have had on British Jewry, putting them on the defensive:

Every op-ed in the Jewish Chronicle or Jewish News and even in the nationals seems to be rushing to explain to Joe Public that NO Zionists weren’t actually complicit with Hitler in the Holocaust. Naturally the more people read denials the more they’ll think there’s no smoke without fire.

Cheers Ken.

And this is why I wonder if it’s Ken’s genius. If you really hate Jews pushing this idea is a wonderful way of casting aspersions on us and our ideology of national liberation. And maybe it’s right that people try to educate the public on what the Haavara agreement was but I’m not playing ball. But I’m sorry to disappoint anyone out there but no, Zionists weren’t in league with Hitler.

Marc’s concluding words hold an important lesson for us:

Anyone who expected more hasn’t been paying attention. Anyone who attempts to explain why Ken’s misguided or wrong is howling at the wind.

Now go and read David Hirsh’s article below.



This piece, by David Hirsh, is from the Jewish Chronicle

Ken Livingstone has been suspended from Labour membership for two years, counted from last April, when he said on the radio that Hitler ‘was supporting Zionism – this was before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews’.

But he is unrepentant.  On the steps of his tribunal, he gave interviews saying that Hitler intervened on behalf of the Zionists against the Yiddish speaking rabbis in Germany and that the SS was giving training to Jews to help them in Palestine.

Why should the two years not begin when he went on Radio 4’s Today programme on the morning of this verdict, when he said that these allegations of antisemitism were invented by the Jewish Chronicle to silence criticism of Israel and to smear Jeremy Corbyn?

Why not start the suspension from 1982, when Livingstone, who was at…

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  1. Reality says:

    This is a continuous problem that here in Israel we too are guilty of.We are always on the defensive.It’s time to change the track and go ballistically on the offensive.The one and only time Netanyahu did that with Obama,suddenly there was respect.The British Jews need to hit back loud and hard

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