Good News Friday

After all the mad runaround of the past couple of weeks, with Pesach preparations, then Pesach itself, and then the arrival of the new baby, it’s a bit strange to return to normal Good News Friday postings. 🙂

This week’s focus will be on Israel’s diplomatic front since there is a fair bit of good news from that direction for a change.

First we have the incomparable US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, who strongly objected to the monthly (!) condemnation of Israel while the rest of the Middle East is burning – literally – at the hands of Assad and Iran:

From UN Watch’s Facebook post:

Nikki Haley does it again: for the first time in years, the U.S. envoy redirected the U.N.’s monthly Israel-bashing session to focus on the Middle East’s true threats to peace: Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism, and mass murder by Syria and Hezbollah.


You can read the entire transcript on UN Watch’s website.

In similar words – but much more unusually –  an Arab journalist chided the Arabs for always blaming Israel for their woes instead of laying the blame where it belonged (via Stand With Israel’s Facebook post):

WATCH: This needs to be shared. An Arab journalist commands the Arab world to take the finger off of Israel and point towards Hezbollah for evil in the world.

“When you compare the two, Israel is an angel and Hezbollah is Satan”

VIA: Memri


Maajid Nawaz, a British Muslim journalist at LBC, also comes to the defence of Israel and expresses his outrage at the double standards used when condemning Israel while ignoring the much worse outrages elsewhere. This is even more remarkable when you consider that he used to say Israel had no right to exist. He admits now that was wrong and this is why:


Let these stirring words in defence of Israel give us strength as Israel heads into Yom Hashoah on Sunday night. It is true that antisemitism is on the rise again around the world but when we see such strong words of support, we realize that the words “Never Again” have something behind them.

As if to prove that point, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in partnership with the 12Tribe Films Foundation have run an Inspired by Israel video project, which was hosted on

You can see all the videos, including the winners, at the link, but here was my favourite:


And now I wish you all Shabbat Shalom!

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5 Responses to Good News Friday

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  2. Christian Israeli says:

    Most shocking thing is that this Israel-bashing is done on monthly bases. And then they say UN condemned Israel instead of saying what really happened: a bunch of Muslim dictatorships and tyrannies are continuing their war agains Israel in UN. For God’s sake, is there noone to stop this madness. What happened with the main purpose of the UN: human rights and protections of the weak? If Israel cannot be defended what will happen with weaker states that are under attack.

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    You want more good news? Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, Labour and a Muslim, will be attending his second in succession Holocaust Memorial Day event soon, the first barely hours after he had the election to become Mayor. This year, he didn’t have to go, but he will.

    More? Here in the UK, we will have a general Election on 8 June. Why is that good news? Because Labour will lose and lose badly, almost certainly. In turn, this will mean that Corbyn will have to go and a moderate from among the remnants of the Labour MPs will have to be elected to start the rebuild. Thus, the “friend” of Hamas and Hezbollah will be no more and Theresa May, the self-proclaimed (and I believe she means it) friend of Israel will have a safe majority.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m still against Brexit from the EU; I’m still a reflex Labour voter; and I hope that our local Labour MP will be re-elected, having shown on several occasions her fierce resistance to antisemitism in the Labour Party, and I will be doing what I can to help in that fight.

    But Corbyn will no loss as leader, nor will McConnel be a loss by returning to the back-benches.

    It’s amazing where one can find hope!

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Even more good news: the pro-BDS President of the NUS, Malia Bouattia (she’s the one who referred to the U of Birmingham as an outpost of Zionism or something similar), has failed to get re-elected. See here:

    Raise a glass in celebration, folks!

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