Turkish incitement and Jordanian chutzpah

We Jews are losing our ownership of the term “chutzpah”. Where the Jews used it as a survival mechanism or in a humorous way in order to relieve their  bleak oppression in the Diaspora, the Arabs have refined it in a very unpleasant way. Let’s take Jordan and this weekend’s events for example.

On Friday a Jordanian tourist crossed the Allenby Bridge crossing between Jordan and Israel, and headed to Jerusalem. Once there he was overcome with Sudden Jihad Syndrome and attacked an Israeli police officer with a knife, stabbing him in several places. The officer struggled with the attacker and managed to shoot the terrorist, killing him on the spot.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

Here are the details from the ToI link:

A Jordanian citizen stabbed an Israeli police officer in the neck and head near Jerusalem’s Old City early on Saturday afternoon and was shot dead by the policeman, police said.

The assailant was identified by Hebrew media as Muhammad Abdullah Salim al-Kassji, a 57-year-old Jordanian citizen who entered Israel several days ago.

The 37-year-old police officer was taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Tzedek medical center in moderate condition after the incident near the Lions’ Gate. He had wounds in the neck and head, and was conscious and in stable condition when evacuated to the hospital.

A second man was lightly wounded, with cuts to the hand.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the attacker pulled a knife and stabbed the officer, and that the officer responded by opening fire and killing his attacker.

Magen David Adom paramedics said they provided emergency treatment at the scene.

What would you expect Jordan’s response to be? I would have thought it would be an abject apology to Israel and to the police officer in particular, with an offer of compensation.

But no! Taking chutzpah to a whole new level, Jordan’s reaction was an immediate condemnation of Israel! The Jordanian government spokesman called the killing of the terrorist “a heinous crime”:

Jordan on Saturday said an Israeli policeman’s shooting and killing of a Jordanian assailant as he stabbed him repeatedly was “a heinous crime,” and demanded to receive details about the incident from the Israeli government.

“The Israeli government, which is the occupying force, bears responsibility for the shooting of a Jordanian citizen in occupied East Jerusalem which led to his martyrdom,” Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad Momani said in a statement.

“The government denounces this heinous crime…and has asked Israel to provide full details about it,” he added.

I’m relieved to note that PM Binyamin Netanyahu immediately condemned Jordan’s condemnation, calling on them to stop playing a double game:

Netanyahu said:

It is disheartening to hear the backing given by the Jordanian government spokesman to the terrorist attack today in the Old City of Jerusalem.

A security video clearly shows a Jordanian tourist stabbing an Israeli policeman.

It’s time for Jordan to stop this double game.

Just as Israel condemns terrorist attacks in Jordan, Jordan must condemn attacks in Israel.

Terrorism is terrorism.

Minister of Infrastructure Yuval Steinitz too weighed in on Jordan’s blatant hypocrisy:

Steinitz called the Jordanian reaction “baseless.”

“It is indeed an extreme pronouncement, unfounded, baseless. Instead of apologizing for the attack – they throw all the blame on Israel,” Steinitz charged in an interview with Army Radio.

“We reject this matter completely,” he said, adding, “I think that this is the appropriate Zionist response.”

This attack comes a mere few days after Turkish President-for-Life Sultan Erdogan lashed out at “racist Israel”, calling on his Muslim subjects to flood the Temple Mount:

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday urged Muslims to throng to the Temple Mount in a show of solidarity with Palestinians as he issued a string of challenges to Israel, which he called “racist and discriminatory.”

“We, as Muslims, should be visiting Al-Quds more often,” he said, referring to Jerusalem by its Arabic name.

“Each day that Jerusalem is under occupation is an insult to us,” he added, at the opening ceremony of the International Forum on al-Quds Waqf in Istanbul, Turkey’s Hurriyet news reported.

Erdogan said increased Muslim visits to the Jerusalem holy site “would be the greatest support to our brothers there.”

“Both in terms of our religion and historical responsibility, Al-Quds and the fight of our Palestinian brothers for rights and justice is of great importance to us. We will keep making efforts for Quds to turn into a city of peace,” Erdogan said.

In the blistering speech, which also criticized Israeli legislation and US plans to move their embassy to Jerusalem, Erdogan also called Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians “racist and discriminatory” and said the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip “has no place in humanity.”

This from the man who has massacred tens of thousands of Kurds.

In a further example of Muslim chutzpah, Erdogan said he is working to “halt the Judaization of Jerusalem”!

Hours after launching a scathing attack on Israel, calling on Muslims to flood the Temple Mount in protest at the “occupation” of Jerusalem, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed ways to halt the so-called “judaization” of Jerusalem with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

Maybe we should work to halt the Turkification of Istanbul. Should it’s name not be reverted back to Constantinople? Surely the game works both ways?

Cartoonist Dry Bones hit the nail on the head:

Dry Bones End Turkification https://i2.wp.com/www.mrdrybones.com/blog/D17510_1.gifIstanbul was the capital of the Byzantine Empire It was invaded and occupied by a Turkish (Ottoman) army on 29 May 1453. In 1930, a law was enacted in Turkey, according to which the city of Constantinople was officially renamed Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was a Christian Church which was converted into an Ottoman mosque on the day that the city was occupied (29 May 1453).

This is not a matter of mere semantics. Words have consequences as we in Israel know only too well.  Is there a connection between Erdogan’s incitement and the terror attack? You decide.

Both Jordan and Turkey should be put in their place forcefully and loudly by Israel immediately. Israel should also demand an apology from both countries individually, and in international forums like the UN. Let’s throw the ball back in their faces.

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5 Responses to Turkish incitement and Jordanian chutzpah

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  2. Reality says:

    I await with baited breath for condemnations from any UN forum or committee.Or from any other country who claim to be our friends!
    As for stopping the”Judaization of Jerusalem”?!!!! errr has no one thought that its called Jerusalem coz thats a Jewish name? Duh! Like Israel, that too is a Jewish name! And the reason this is, is because its been our historic homeland for the last 4000 years!
    I wholeheartedly agree that the name of Istanbul be reverted to Constantinople! Would that our foreign minister bring it up in a UN committee.
    I’ve waited too long with my baited breath , so as I’m about to turn blue, I will draw breath again!

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Mind you, we have to bear in mind that Jordan might be doing this for domestic political reasons. I take it no Jordanian troops are massing (all 15 of them) on the border!

    • anneinpt says:

      That’s exactly my point. It’s obvious that Jordan – or rather the King and his henchmen -is doing this for domestic purposes. But his rhetoric has real effects on the ground. The incitement literally leads to murder. He should be held responsible for the effect of his words.

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