Despite the terror attacks, the Al-Quds march of hate to take place in London

One would have thought that after the three recent ISIS-inspired terror attacks in England – two car rammings in London and a suicide bombing in Manchester, the police or the Mayor of London would have cancelled permission to hold the annual “Al Quds Day” Parade. But you would be wrong. This antisemitic terror-glorifying hate fest is due to take place on Sunday in London despite everything – even though it supports the likes of Hezbollah and Hamas:

From the link above:

The organisers of a controversial pro-Palestinian march through central London of Sunday have told protesters that they can wave Hezbollah flags.

Hezbollah flags and anti-Israel placards at Al Quds day rally in London

In a statement on the website of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, participants were told that they “are welcome to bring flags that show solidarity with the Palestinian cause” but flags of proscribed or illegal organisations are not allowed.

However the group said: “You can bring a Hezbollah flag to show support for the political wing of Hezbollah. This is because the political wing of Hezbollah is not a proscribed organisation.”

Hezbollah is a Lebanon-based militia with tens of thousands of rockets trained on northern Israel, and Jewish representatives have long argued that the group itself makes no distinction between its political wing and its armed wing.

There is still time to change minds. A petition has been making the rounds, and it has been having an effect:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is due to discuss the march with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick tomorrow, after more than 8,000 people signed an online petition calling for the annual march to be banned.

Please sign the petition to ban this hateful march, and share widely. There are still a few more hours to make a difference!

If the march still goes ahead, and you are in London, you can help fight Israel’s corner by joining the counter-march:

The Jewish community of London will gather Sunday for a counter-demonstration as thousands of anti-Israel activists parade through the center of the city to mark International Quds Day, an annual event established by Iran to promote the destruction of Israel.

The counter-demonstration is a joint initiative of the World Jewish Congress, the Zionist Federation of Great Britain, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, StandWithUs UK, the Jewish Leadership Council, We Believe in Israel, Sussex Friends of Israel, North London Friends of Israel and the Israel Advocacy Movement.

Keep terror off the streets of London.

British-Israel terror-survivor Kay Wilson will be one of the main attractions (if that is the right term) at the counter-demonstration, and will be addressing the crowd. She wrote an open letter to Mayor Sadiq Khan to protest the rally, but so far with no result (via Israellycool):

As a British-born survivor of Islamic terrorism, I am both flabbergasted and frankly outraged that you continue to give the green light to Islamic terrorism in London, by either telling your constituents that “terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city,” and now, by ignoring a petition of almost 6,000 signatories protesting the Al-Quds Day March to be held in the city of London this Sunday, 18th June.

It hardly need be said, that your lack of action in allowing people who support Jihad to march through London, also stands to ignite antisemitism against the British Jewish community and more unabated hatred against Israel, the sole refuge for Jewish people in the Middle East.

I have never met you, so I am unable to ascertain if your lack of leadership concerning Islamic terrorism is due to personal passivity, disinterest or something else. Whatever it is, your abdication from your responsibility as Mayor of London, is not only deeply grievous to myself – a survivor of this Islamic terror the marchers endorse, but is also a slap in the face to the families of London’s and Manchester victims – whose blood has only just been mopped up from London’s streets.

Kay Wilson

Update: Watch what Kay has to say to the Mayor and to the British people about both defining defeating the enemy (radical Islam) and about allowing this vile hate-fest:

We can see, almost feel, the hatred at these al Quds rallies from previous years’ examples.  Israellycool shares with us David Collier’s report of walking with Hezbollah:

Such extremism. Such hatred. There will be no peace, there will be no progress, until this venom is extracted from the conflict. The irony that on this day in North London, left wing Zionists had gathered at a Haaretz conference to discuss the issue of peace was not lost on me. With all the will in the world, theirs is a bubble that at the moment, simply does not exist.

You cannot negotiate with this. Nor will peace move forward whilst this mob is allowed to spread its poison. This is blind hatred. Self- chosen ignorance, bias, and yes, not a little antisemitism. Those few in the crowd that were not Islamic radicals fell into two distinct groups. Those on the very far left, and those on the very far right. An absurd political marriage enabled only by a mutual hatred of Jews.

Read the rest, though I’m sure you need no convincing by now.

Sign the petition and/or go to the counter-protest if you are in london. Do not let the terrorists win!

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  2. Reality says:

    I cannot believe how utterly obtuse the powers that be including the Mayor.-who up to now has seemed fairly sane ,by allowing this March.This is nothing to do with that new religion “freedom of speech”.This is allowing terrorists to uphold what they seem are their rights.Personally,I think if this March is held,they should all be arrested as they are probably or most definitely terrorists.It”‘ll save the police a lot of work.

  3. Charlene Hale says:

    Londonistan indeed. How long before Jews and genuine Christians will need to seek refuge out of Europe? Surely we are living in a time when the majority call evil good and good evil. I am saddened that the Judeo-Christian heritage is being trampled underfoot whilst Moloch and his hordes are being sanitised, promoted and given free reign to peddle hatred, propaganda under the guise of pseudo human rights.

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