The Al-Quds Day rally and pro-Israel counter-protest

Despite the protests and petitions, the hateful, hate-inspired and hate-preaching Al Quds Day rally took place in London as planned.  But it did not go unmet. The British Jewish community held a strong counter-protest with some excellent speeches, and then a contingent broke off to physically confront the Al Quds marchers. They almost managed to bring the march to a halt!

And then – disaster struck once again as another van-ramming attack occurred. But this time the tables were turned and the attacker (assuming this was a deliberate attack) was a “white man” who rammed his van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers leaving Finsbury Park mosque after Ramadan prayers. Sadly one person was killed in the attack and several injured.

Let’s recount yesterday’s events in more or less chronological order.

Here is the full video of the pro-Israel protest against the Al Quds hate rally:


If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, you can see the keynote speaker, Kay Wilson’s barnstormer of a speech starting at 21:45. Slide the timer across to watch her. You can read the highlights of Kay’s speech here:

It is both hateful and untrue to say that every Muslim is a terrorist.

It is also untruthful to claim that the terrorism now ravaging Europe is generic and not perpetrated by those belonging to the global Muslim community.

The denial is disingenuous, unhelpful, a patronising absolution of community responsibility and therefore a dangerous form of political correctness gone-mad.

After the attack, my wellbeing only took a turn for the good when I claimed my right to rage at those who murdered my friend.

For the wellbeing of this society, the British people also need to claim their rights to rage at a system that gags them from calling things for what they are, due to fear of being charged with hate speech and being in violation of the Public Order Act Section 5 – an act which increasingly deems values and traditions spawned from Judeo-Christian ethics as offensive.

Personally speaking, I find the blowing up of children at a pop concert and the slitting of young women’s throats on London’s streets far more offensive than a shop owner who hangs a “stop funding terrorism” sign and a Christian who screens Bible verses on a TV in his cafe.

The lawbreakers were told by the British police to take these things down because they were both offensive and an offence under the Public Order Act Section 5.

As a London-born survivor of Islamic terrorism, I too am offended.

I am offended by the allowing of the Al-Quds March Day (an Iranian-backed propaganda tool) that will take place in London on Sunday despite the Mayor expressing his concerns to the Metropolitan Police and a petition signed by thousands stating their outrage.

In the name of free-speech, people will march in support of organisations that the British government has designated as terror groups. It won’t be the first time that they will be allowed to chant hate, vilify “Zionists” and demonise Israel, the sole refuge for Jewish people in the Middle East, and also the lone democracy.

This appalling abuse of free speech coupled with the authorities selectively appropriating the Public Order Act Section 5, is what ensures that British Jewish schools, British Jewish institutions and British synagogues will continue to need security surveillance night and day.

These double standards and the gagging and harassing of individuals who speak question and challenge the system, is also what will guarantee the increasing familiar sight of police and ambulance crews, scraping parts of men women and children off the walls of a cultural arena and London’s streets.

Tragically, those double standards and the politically-correct gagging of protest is what led to the terrible anti-Muslim attack later that night.

But let us return first to the rally.  After the speeches, the pro-Israel rally  set off to confront the Al Quds marchers:

The Jewish counter-demo minced no words as they shouted “terrorists!” at the Al Quds marchers:


And like the elephant in the fable that was scared of a mouse, the Al Quds march was brought to a halt by the pro-Israel demonstrators:

Unfortunately this did not stop the hateful rally continuing on its way in the end. Watch and be sick:

One antisemite even tried to blame the Zionists for the Grenfell tower fire!

Israellycool has extensive coverage of the two rallies, including this outrageous antisemitic (not anti-Israel or anti-Zionist but actual real anti-Jewish) hatred :

And did the police do anything to stop this? After all, racism and incitement are illegal surely? Not when it comes to the Jews apparently. The absurdity of allowing to fly the flag of the “political wing” of Hezbollah when there is absolutely no distinction was pointed out several times, and The Judean People’s Front (☺) writing at Israellycool was on the case:

Aussie Dave has already pointed out the absurdity of the London Police following the IHRC guidelines allowing Hezbollah flags as long as protesters do so “to show support for the political wing of Hizbullah. This is because the political wing of Hizbullah is not a proscribed organisation.” [sic]

During the march, some protesters terror supporters, tried to follow these guidelines. Since there is no flag for the political wing, they resorted to placing stickers on their flags saying “this flag is to show my support for the political wing of Hezbollah.”

Sticker to show the “difference” between the “political” and “military” wings of Hezbollah

Not only is such a distinction foreign from Hezbollah’s own operating structure and statements, but it is a distinction that would not be acceptable for a terror group that didn’t specifically target Jews. There was an uproar recently as it was revealed that at least one of the recent London terrorists openly waved the ISIS flag in a tv documentary. But that outrage was apparently short-lived as thousands of people were then given the go-ahead to march with the flag of another genocidal terrorist organization on Al Quds Day.

It is outrageous that this march was ever allowed to go ahead at all.

But the Judean People’s Front are better people than me. They go on to have a satirical laugh at the expense of the British authorities and mock hypocrisy of this situation. Go and read!

Tragically though, this political correctness has severe consequences. We saw the upshot of the ineffectiveness of the British authorities in standing up to Muslim extremist hatred because of political correctness and the fear of being labelled Islamophobic or racist in the car-ramming attack on Finsbury Park later last night. More to follow in the next blog post. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to The Al-Quds Day rally and pro-Israel counter-protest

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  2. Reality says:

    The British Police are so PC that they are completely confused as to whats right or wrong. I’m impressed at the behaviour and chants of the Israeli counter demonstration. Isn’t it interesting that Jews sing “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem(we bring peace to you), or Oseh shalom bimromav( He Who makes peace from above) and Islamists sing about jihad(killing).Just an observation.
    At long last the Jews are beginning to stand up and shout their thoughts.

    • anneinpt says:

      Yes, the organizers mentioned exactly this: that we singa nd look happy while the Al Quds people are full of hate.

      They love death. We love life.

      The Jewish community has acutally been organizing counter protests for years. This year got more publicity because of the terror attacks but also because people are fed up of the double standards and our message is getting across slowly but surely.

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