Note to Jackie Walker: What a lynching really looks like

As mentioned in my previous post, Labour’s Jackie Walker is trying to claim victimhood because she is being “lynched” by the Jewish community who are trying to silence her. She has a funny way of showing her fear. She seems triumphant in her victimhood. “See what a sad victim I am! See how they are silencing me!” – when of course nothing could be further from the truth. She has the full run of the airwaves and social media, and a platform (literally) at a world famous theater festival.

For her information, this is what a lynching really looks like. This lynching was committed by Palestinian Arabs against Israeli motorists:


On Saturday, Arabs in the Gush Etzion region held a funeral for an Arab terrorist who was eliminated while attempting to stab an IDF soldier.

Shortly after the funeral service, dozens of local Arabs set up a makeshift roadblock on Route 60, the primary north-south traffic artery in Judea and Samaria.

Holding cement blocks, bricks, and rocks, dozens of masked terrorists inspected passing Arab vehicles for any Jewish passengers, and attacked vehicles bearing Israeli license plates.

Even an armored police jeep came under assault, and was forced to call up the IDF for backup.

One Israeli driver who ran into the roadblock before the IDF deployed soldiers to take control of the situation came under a barrage of rocks and bricks, hurled by the masked Arab terrorists.

As can be seen in footage released by Channel 2 on Monday, the Arabs spotted the driver as he made his way towards the roadblock, and formed a lynch mob, hoping to block his escape and force him out of his car.

“They smelled me a kilometer away,” said the man, a resident of Tekoa. “They had made a roadblock there, and it was impossible to pass. Right away I drew my gun and cocked it, so they would see that I was armed – but that didn’t stop them at all.”

Luckily, however, the driver was able to pass through the roadblock when the assailants ran towards his car in an attempt to surround him.

This act of attempted murder plus the fact that the Arabs checked passing cars for Jewish passengers or drivers shows that this was pure antisemitism in action. They would have made the Nazis proud.

Another, not so scary but still serious, attempted lynching took place in Poland last week when the Hapoel Petach Tikva (yay PT!) soccer team was attacked by soccer hooligans after the match. But the gutsy Israeli footballers were too much for the hooligans who fled when the Israelis fought back:

Masked soccer hooligans attacked staff traveling with an Israeli soccer team following a friendly match in Poland, slightly injuring two men, officials said.

Polish media and police said that the attack happened on Wednesday evening in Suchocin, about 35 kilometers (22 miles) northwest of Warsaw, following a friendly between Hapoel Petah Tikva and a local Polish club.

A police spokeswoman, Kinga Drezek-Zmyslowska, said police were alerted after the match about an attack on two men who had traveled with the Israeli team.

She said the attack was apparently carried out by soccer hooligans and that police were trying to identify them. It was not immediately clear what caused the incident.

The Israeli team however, suspects the attack on its staffers was intentional and premeditated. A statement posted to the team’s official page said the game took place under police guard, and was incident-free. The team said that it wasn’t until after the officer left that the dozens of Polish fans descended on the Israelis.

Security camera footage shows the brawl unfolding near the stadium following the game.

The two Israelis staffers escaped the incident with minor injures.

“An Israeli group traveling abroad are always a target,” he added.

Indeed. Israelis and Jews travelling as a group – and singly too – form a tempting target for antisemites of the left and the right. But times have changed and we no longer take these attacks lying down. Even in soccer.

Hapel won the match 2-0.

Kol Hakavod Hapoel Petach Tikva! You did us proud when you fought back against the hooligans and you brought honour and fame to Petach Tikva. 🙂

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