The twisted mind of Jackie Walker

Far left antisemitic Labour activist Jackie Walker is at it again – if she ever stopped at all. She has now written a play, “The Lynching”, modestly starring herself in two roles: the “speaking part” in which she plays herself (or her mother defending her), doubling down on her antisemitic claims, and one in which she is self-pityingly hanged in effigy – her way of blaming the Jews (surprise!) for “silencing” her.

Jackie Walker’s antisemitic play

Just wrap your head round her twisted thinking, as she inverts cause and effect, as Lucy Lips from Harry’s Place elucidates:

I think that I would be quite happily accepted in any gay rights group I joined. Even though I’m married to a person of the opposite sex I think that if I was personable, though people may be slightly bemused as to why I was there, I think they’d accept me.

If I started complaining that there wasn’t any room being made in the movement for gay people who didn’t believe in say gay marriage I expect I might be viewed in a more hostile light. I think people might be interested in whether I was actually gay at all and question what I was doing in their midst. I think that if I went further and used that suspicion from people as proof of my point which I then expanded upon to include the idea that there is something insidious in the whole gay rights movement hostility to me may increase.

If I took screenshots of the inevitable comments on social media calling me out as a tourist in the gay world who hadn’t done anything except attack gay people I think that more people in the movement would see me as a negative force. Naturally all the time I’d be saying how anti-homophobia I was…it was just that I hadn’t seen a definition of the term I could work with.

But also I would be embraced by some people.

The anti gay rights people, especially those opposed to gay marriage would embrace me. I would become their icon, their proof that on the one hand not all gay people are in favour of gay marriage and on the other that there is something vindictive within the gay rights movement and that gay rights only applies to those gay people who toe the line and agree with the nefarious agenda of the gay lobby. A lobby everyone is sure exists but no one can quite pin down.

Meet Jacqueline Walker, former Vice Chair of Momentum, who’s currently suspended from the Labour Party (for the second time). She’s just hit the Edinburgh Fringe complete with a little effigy of herself hanging from a rope. all the while complaining that the Board of Deputies of British Jews tried to have her show cancelled. I wonder why they might have wanted to do that?

Walker’s one-woman antisemitic play opened to a standing ovation at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (yes, that same festival that 3 years ago expelled an Israeli theatre group for the crime of being Israeli) over the weekend:

The UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported that Walker performed her show The Lynching beneath a banner saying, “Anti-Semitism is a crime. Anti-Zionism is a duty.” The show’s title refers to what she says was unfair treatment by her opponents, which ultimately led to her suspension from the Labour party amidst accusations of antisemitism.

At one point in her performance, Walker took on the character of her own mother speaking in Walker’s defense, in which she stated, “First, she [Walker] said Jews financed the slave trade. …The Jews were coming away from persecution from the Christians. They got involved in the slave trade, but what else were they supposed to do? This is not Jackie hating Jews. You can say this is Jackie showing off, showing how well she knows her history.”

Regarding the Holocaust, Walker’s character charged that it is wrong to mark the genocide of the Jews alone, asking, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Holocaust Memorial Day could be opened to all people. What a terrible thing… People say it is open to everybody. Others say, no it doesn’t include the terrible things that went on before the Nazis, things in the Belgian Congo when they killed 12 million …none of that is in Holocaust Memorial Day.”

Walker’s character also defends Corbyn, claiming that they are both targets of “enemies” who support Israel. Corbyn, she said, “has been accused of being a Jew-hater, but when he was just an MP he was a supporter of the Palestinians and he didn’t mind saying what he thought. He called some of the nasty people in the Israeli government criminal politicians.

The Chronicle report added that during the question and answer session following the show, Walker staunchly defended her positions on both the slave trade and the Holocaust, saying, “At the moment we are being told what history we can speak about and what history we cannot speak about. We have to have a way where it is possible to write about the Holocaust, holocausts and the slave trade and race and identity where there is openness, and we haven’t got that now and I think that is very dangerous.”

She also denied that the Jews are an oppressed people, asserting, “Millions more Africans were killed in the African holocaust and their oppression continues to this day on a global scale in a way it doesn’t for Jews, and many Jews, my ancestors too, were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade.”

This woman is a disgrace to the Labour Party and a disgrace to British politics and culture. She should not be allowed a platform anywhere, much less in an international forum. Her bigotry and charlatanism are beneath contempt.

Melanie Phillips has a great commentary on Walker’s play- “Lionising the fringe“:

What happens to someone if they’re lynched? They’re set upon by a bunch of thugs and and murdered. Do you think someone who’s been lynched will then turn up on stage in their own show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? No, neither do I.

Well here’s a strange thing then. Jackie Walker, who should have been thrown out of the Labour Party over vile remarks about Israel and the Jews but wasn’t thrown out after all, has been appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe in a one-woman show called The Lynching, complete with an effigy of herself hanging from a rope, to justify her remarks and claim that she has been the victim of, ahem, a lynching over making them.

Walker was suspended from the Labour Party last May after writing on Facebook that “many Jews were the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade,” and so were implicated in perpetrating “the African holocaust” in which “millions more Africans were killed” than in the Shoah. Asking “What debt do we owe the Jews?” she implied that Jews exploited their presumed victimhood in order to perpetrate atrocities against the Palestinians.

Following an internal party investigation, Walker was rapped over the knuckles for causing offence, cleared of antisemitism, hailed as an anti-racist and readmitted to the party by the end of the month. She was then suspended again after she (wrongly) criticised Holocaust Memorial Day for not being open to all who experienced a holocaust, questioned why Jewish schools needed particular security to protect themselves from possible attack and said the issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party had been greatly exaggerated. She was stripped of her role as vice-chairman of the Momentum revolutionary Labour caucus but remained a member of its committee – and of the party.

Some lynching, eh.

The key fact about Jackie Walker, however, which has merely been reinforced by her Edinburgh travesty, is that she is troublingly obsessed by Israel and the Jews. In any normal universe, such a person would be treated as a (truly) fringe wacko of repulsive views and ignored. Instead, she is lionised. At Edinburgh she received a standing ovation (ok, there were only about 30 people in the audience, but still) with a banner fixed to the front of the stage reading: “Anti-Semitism is a crime. Anti-Zionism is a duty”.

I’m glad to hear she had such a small audience. No doubt she will blame the Jews for that too. But she still should never have been given a public platform. After all, if we Jews are going to be blamed for silencing her, we might as well actually do it!

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6 Responses to The twisted mind of Jackie Walker

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  2. Reality says:

    What a shame that we can’t strip her of her religion.In fact what I don’t understand,why hasn’t she “released “herself from being a Jew?
    What a disgusting piece of “humanity”she is.people like her don’t deserve the honour of neing called Jews.

    • anneinpt says:

      It is a shame. However I don’t believe she is Jewish. She has claimed she is in order to give cover to her antisemitism. After all, she claims, how can she be an antisemite if she is Jewish?

      So first of all, it is her father who she says is Jewish. That makes her not Jewish. Secondly, some of the worst antisemites are and have always been Jews. Thirdly, I still don’t believe her.

      The Labour party should be ashamed to be associated with someone like her. No matter how good the party (and they ain’t), having someone like that as a member completely discredits them.

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  4. Jeff Polaski says:

    Understand that I believe in free speech. It was our first constitutional amendment, right before the right for citizens to bear arms. Free speech, of course, ends one millimeter inside the end of my nose.
    Is this clearly delusional person with a cast of two dummies on an unswept stage floor and an audience of 30, really worth the air used while writing about her? As for the air she herself uses, I believe that it would have been improved by John Cleese’s exclamation in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, that he (breaks wind) in her general direction!
    I understand being annoyed at this “Fringe” festival, but at least they showed some insight when they named themselves.
    (It’s been a long day reading, Jeff.)
    ׳ךֺפֵף לֵ״בּ
    (Yosef Labe)
    (Hope I got that right, 55 years later)

    • anneinpt says:

      You have a very good point Jeff about not giving Walker the airtime she so obviously craves. In normal circumstances I would ignore her, and probably most people wouldn’t have heard of her.

      But until very recently she was at the center of power in the British Labour Party, the leader of the grassroots Momentum organization in support of the Labour leader, the antisemitic terror-supporting Jeremy Corbyn. And while she was suspended from Labour for her antisemitic statements, she has since been quietly reinstated. So the woman poses a very real danger to British Jews and to the British public in general.

      Plus she’s a really not nice person.

      I love that quote from Monty Python! 🙂

      And please allow me to correct your name:

      יוׂסֵף לֵייב

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