Shabbat Shalom

I’ve been away on holiday these past few days and had a wonderful time with all my family. We stayed in a villa (what the Israelis quaintly call a “tzimmer”) in Moshav Goren in Western Galilee, in a holiday compound called Haruach Haglilit (pictures at the link) – with its own private pool, snooker table (or was it billiards? I still can’t tell the difference!), fully equipped kitchen, 6 bedrooms, a small courtyard and a balcony. What more could a person ask for?

The view from our room at the villa

I do not think snooker is what you think snooker is!

We went on day trips around the north: to the Hai Park zoo in Kiryat Motzkin, where the children marvelled at the sight of giraffes and zebras, giggled at the antics of the monkeys, and petted fluffy rabbits;

Giraffe at the Hai Park

Penguins cool off in the Israeli summer

Petting fluffy white rabbits

Also to Rosh Hanikra on the Lebanon border where we went down by cable car to see the amazing grottoes carved out by the strong waves of the Mediterranean sea (followed by a barbecue back at our villa);

The shortest steepest cable car in the world at Rosh Hanikra

The grandchildren watching the waves in the grottoes in Rosh Hanikra

The view from above at Rosh Hanikra

And on the last day we stopped for lunch in Acco, and continued on to the Hof Dor Shell Beach (Hof Hatzedafim) near Haifa on our way home, where we paddled in the sea, got knocked over by strong waves, and the kids built shell towers as opposed to sandcastles.

At the Shell Beach in Hof Dor

Building a shell tower at Hof Dor

A beach literally made of shells at Hof Dor

It was a wonderful short break, and I cannot face addressing any of the horrible news that has been rampant this week. It will wait till after Shabbat.

Tomorrow we say Bircat Hachodesh, the blessing for the new month. This week the month of Elul begins, the month of repentance towards Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish Holidays. We have plenty to reflect upon this year.

So I wish you all Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov!

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  2. Reality says:

    what a great time you had in our beautiful country.Good for you.Bad news can definitely wait.
    Shabbat Shalom וחודש טוב ומבורך

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