The Two-State Solution is a Non-Solution 

The two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict has been around for so long that people have practically forgotten what the problem was for which this this “solution” was conceived.

It surely must be clear by now that this solution is not only not going to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, it is in fact a prime mover of said conflict. It is blindingly obvious that any Palestinian state established in the foreseeable future is going to be yet another failed Arab state. Just look at Gaza with its terrorist thugocracy for one example. And look at the Palestinian kleptocracy on the “West Bank” for another. Why on earth should Israel agree to such a dangerous scenario without anything tangible in return?  The West is busy invading and bombing to smithereens other failed Muslim states such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., and let us not mention the killing fields of Yemen and the dangerous instability in Lebanon. So why create another likely war-zone which, given its anti-Israel bias, the West will not permit Israel to invade or simply respond to in self-defence. See the Gaza wars of 2009, 2012 and 2014 for glaring examples.

Jared Kushner meets Mahmoud Abbas

So it was refreshing indeed to hear President Donald Trump’s special envoy and son-in-law Jared Kushner assert that the settlements need not be frozen in order to end the conflict. Such a simple statement but how revolutionary!

According to al-Hayat, Abbas requested the US pressure Israel to freeze Jewish building in Judea and Samaria either fully or partially. This, Abbas said, is one of the preconditions necessary for peace talks.

Kushner, together with US Special Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt, told Abbas they have no intention of requesting Israel freeze building. This, they explained is for two reasons: First, the talks must be held without preconditions. Second, Israel has compromised much for the sake of the PA, but the PA has not taken steps to build confidence and has, in fact, acted in the opposite manner.

They also told Abbas that even though they believe the two-state solution is ideal, talks must be held without preconditions and the exact borders should be negotiated between the two sides.

The fallacy of the “settlements problem”

Many people have criticised Kushner for being inexperienced and ignorant, but his attitude here belies such claims. Maybe his lack of experience is exactly what was needed in order to see the situation clearly for once.

Similarly it was so heartening for peace-process-weary Israelis to hear from State Department spokesman Heather Nauert that the Two State solution is not the obligatory path to follow.

Before meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kushner, said that the president “is very committed to achieving a solution here that will be able to bring prosperity and peace to all people in the area.”

He did not, however, give any public indication that Washington believed that solution needed to be a two-state one.

The Trump administration is resisting pressure to clarify its stance on a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, amid warnings from Palestinian leaders that their patience is running thin.

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert

When asked at a press briefing why the US was hesitant to commit to the two-state solution, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert replied on Wednesday: “We are not going to state what the outcome has to be – it has to be workable to both sides.

And I think, really, that’s the best view as to not really bias one side over the other, to make sure that they can work through it.”

This announcement flew somewhat under the radar and didn’t make the huge headlines it deserved. This is an astounding change of direction for the State Department and the American Administration, and while the Palestinians may huff and fume, this is exactly what is needed to shake them up out of their complacency and out of their conviction that if they only wait long enough, Israel will be pressured by the West to make yet more concessions for nothing.

As for the threats of violence and mayhem from the Palestinians, it has long been proven that terrorist attacks rise whenever a “peace process” is taking place, as Evelyn Gordon writes:

According to the official statistics, more than 3,100 Israelis have been killed in terror attacks since Israel’s establishment in 1948. The press releases don’t offer any breakdown of this statistic, but more detailed information is available on the Foreign Ministry’s website. Those numbers (located here for 1949-99 and here since 2000) show that terrorists killed 1,176 Israelis from 1949 through 1992, a period of 44 years. But since 1994, they’ve killed another 1,538 people–a significantly larger number of victims in a period just over half as long.

Needless to say, this isn’t what a “peace process” is supposed to look like. Peace deals are supposed to produce peace, not to double the number of casualties. Moreover, these casualty figures show that the Palestinians have blatantly violated the one promise they made Israel in both the original Oslo Accord and every subsequent accord–an end to Palestinian terror.

Conversely terrorist attacks drop whenever Israel takes a strong stand, whether against further concessions or against the terrorists themselves, their sources of funding and their support systems.

All the more reason to object to peace-processing do-gooders who arrive on jaunts to the Middle East either to burnish their reputations, leave a “legacy” when they leave office, or to distract from domestic woes.

One of the better arguments that I read against the principle of the two-state solution was in this Harry’s Place comment by Jurek Molnar:

Forget the two state solution.

First it is not a solution, but the name of a concept that has failed. Originally it was called a solution because it was presumed that Palestinian statehood was a goal at least the Palestinians were pursuing. And when it became clear that Palestinian statehood is not the most pressing issue of Palestinians themselves, the two state solution was a concept for something, that others (the US and Europe) wanted the Palestinians to achieve. But in hindsight it seems that this was a wish others wanted for the Palestinians, while they were at best uncertain. They all failed to convince Palestinian leadership to improve efforts for that particular goal. Today the two state solution is a magic name for something nobody wants or has an actual need for.

And second: it is completely uncertain who on the Palestinian side wants a state and most of all what the goals of Palestinian statehood actually are. If the goal of Palestinian statehood is to end Israeli occupation of the Westbank, then neither Israelis nor Palestinians consider this goal as a motivating incentive. The Israelis have very little reason to allow a terror state along their border they have no diplomatic or legal access to and which will use all means to lead one war against Israel after the another supported by the UN and international diplomacy. The end of the occupation is a distinct political goal, but it is nearly irrelevant for the Palestinians since they started to declare that no Jews ever existed in Palestine until the Zionist alien invaders came. One who is striving for peace would have not started doing this. It’s crystal clear that the people who are walking this path, including the PA and Hamas have rejected peace for the next two generations at least. The temple mount controversy has erased all peace initiatives immediately.
Their imagination goes to one state not two and if someone is finally ready to admit that we can start at least a new game. Maybe a non state solution, in which Gaza belongs to Egypt and the Westbank belongs to Jordan. This is very unlikely but a lot more likely than a two state solution.

And everyone with a clear mind should see that a two state solution is not an option any more. So stop talking about it. It is gone.

It’s high time that new ideas for resolving the conflict are conceived.

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6 Responses to The Two-State Solution is a Non-Solution 

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  2. Harry Beck says:

    1) There already is a Two-State Solution and it is called “Gaza.” Gaza is a perfect example why giving up Judea and Samaria will not bring peace.
    2) Israel is making an error by not insisting the PLO Charter and the Hamas Covenant be changed before negotiating for a peaceful solution. For example, publicly drawing attention to Article 7 of the Hamas Covenant, which calls for the death of all Jews, places those trying to force Israel to accept a bad deal into a quandary. It is hypocritical to insist Jews–and only Jews–negotiate with those entities predicated through their founding documents to the elimination of Israel and to the death of all Jews. It is time for having a different standard applied to Jews and Israel to end.

    • anneinpt says:

      You are quite right about Gaza. But that only solves half the problem. The Arabs are also claiming Judea and Samaria. And then they’ll claim the rest of Israel. They call it Salami tactics.

      But Gaza is a salutary lesson for Israel and the world in general. From a flourishing productive peaceful Jewish settlement enterprise it turned into a terrorist state which keeps its people repressed and in poverty. How any enlightened person could think that this is preferable is simply beyond me.

      Israel’s mistake was in signing the Oslo accords. It’s next mistake was in not declaring them void after the deadly intifada of the 2000s. It’s third mistake, still continuing, is returning time and again to the negotiating table when it is clear that the Palestinians do not want to negotiate anything but our destruction.

      I don’t understand why Israel doesn’t do as you recommend, insist that it will only negotiate if and when the terrorist charters are changed. But even if that happy day arrives it won’t help. The people have been so indoctrinated that it will take generations, if at all, to wean them off their Jew-hatred, their violence and their perceived victimhood that the world owes them a living.

  3. Reality says:

    Well done to the Trump administration for finally seeing the reality of the Palestinians behaviour.Would that our own stupid leftists be blessed with this same clarity.

  4. Jeff Polaski says:

    One State, Two States. Forgiving fuzzy thinking, but it’s about 6am here in Philadelphia and I am not fully awake before I leave for physical therapy. One State, Two States. We’ve talked ourselves into a box. Perhaps the cardboard box can be thoroughly wet down and torn open.
    No doubt that Kushner is a smart guy. He uses terms like “problem sets”. His authority and his legitimacy, however, barring finding a solution they everyone can live with, is a President who doesn’t understand diplomacy, statecraft, or governance. He and his wife are already planning to leave Washington next year.

    “A solution everyone can live with?” who knows what that might mean? A wall between the US and Mexico? Pfah!
    Contrary to your reaction, Anne, I regret to say that I was dismayed to hear State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert speak last week. Our Executive Branch is fractured, our State Department discoordinated by a President governing on an ad hoc basis. I can place no joint credence in what President Trump says and what his son-in-law Special Envoy says.

    **************Jeff’s side note: Embarrassingly, what I just said is confirmed in today’s news. *****

    — A senior White House official vehemently denied on Saturday reports that a US delegation ———–tasked with trying to jumpstart Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations told Palestinian Authority—– —President Mahmoud Abbas that a West Bank settlement freeze was impossible and would result– —in the toppling of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.—
    —“This is nonsense,” a senior administration official told The Times of Israel. “These comments—– —–were never made.” (May G-d help my country, speaking out of the many sides of its mouth.)

    A one-state solution is a death knell for Israel. Demographics will push the Jews into the sea. That is a fact in progress. Support by Israel, the US and other states via an increasingly two-faced United Nations sustains the current, defacto two-state situation. How much increase in population can outsiders continue to support? Curbing their population growth is not on the agenda for Gaza and West Bank inhabitants. The more we support them, the more they multiply.

    I don’t know the Koran at all well, but I have heard others quote that when dispossessed of land, Muslims are supposed to take the land back. With the caution that this most certainly includes the Iberian Peninsula,and then northwestern into the main body of Europe, then tearing open this cardboard thought-box might be the most rational thing to do.
    What other Middle East state had little to no NATION STATE status before the First World War? Where did the Palestinians come from? When they were forced onto the land, were they really transformed into “Palestinians?”. Who named them? Who promised them refuge after Israel was destroyed and who reneged on that promise? Where are their cousins? When and where did their ancestors really live?
    Where is their NATION? Not an artificially line between artificial states drawn by Britain and France? Their Nationality is … where? Where they were told it was.

    A long time ago a joke ran around the US Army: Why don’t we just buy North Vietnam. Today, my computer uses Vietnamese components, before retirement I worked closely with a Vietnamese woman who taught me much about computers. Some of my clothing is made in Vietnam, and — think about this, outsourced by Vietnam to other Southeast Asian countries.
    Buy North Vietnam! Wow, what a joke!

    Or was it a joke? It seems today we are all in business together.
    The people who have been indoctrinated into calling themselves “Palestinians” to the world, and taught to portray themselves as victims, are (some of them) descendents of Arabs from many places who were potentially happy enough living among Jews. They were persuaded, bamboozled, lied to, and in some cases just plain simply forced into their current roles by the power-hungry, lying, manipulating Arab “leaders” who wanted power and land and were willing to give lip service to Islam in order to get what they wanted. Palestine itself was a word imposed on the land and the people who for the most part were forced to live there by other regional powers.

    Why not buy “Palestine”, or whatever it used to be called a little over 100 years ago? Instead of parceling out billions of dollars through corrupt non-state actors, give it to a new nation-state. Partner taking land, very poorly used and barely providing subsistence to nominal Jordanian people, and populate it with modern farms, factories, housing, for those people who have been forced into concentration camps for propaganda purposes by purportedly fellow Arabs. I say purportedly “fellow Arabs” because they have been for centuries barely compatible and often hostile tribes.

    In the purchase deal, fairly trade Gaza and the West Bank for land in Jordan, a barely legitimate state that broke its promises of return to those 1940’s “refugees”, and make the land bloom. Jordan doesn’t want the land, it doesn’t know what to do with it. But it might very want the products and produce of the land. Don’t dispute the land; deed it. And with the deeds, include improvements to infrastructure, services and habitation. Re-parcel the land to optimise production and habitation.

    Instead of boycotting Caterpillar, which accomplished nothing, make the machines part of the payment, with plenty of spare parts to get through the first lean years, and teach their youth to throw switches instead of throwing rocks. Instead of checkpoints, security walls and the like, you’ll be able to build duty-free export zones.

    This is not a joke. It’s a dream, a fantasy that started with young American soldiers who would rather work with other young people from Southeast Asia, rather than fight with them and die. A dream, a fantasy, a miracle. What better place to actually do it. Everyone involved, whether they like it or not, whether they say they want it or say they hate it, everyone involved knows that Israelis know how to make it come true.

    There’s one of many solutions. What else have you to lose, other than more years of grief and pain? You don’t have to call it a two-state solution. Enough of these worn out terms. Make a deal!

    • anneinpt says:

      Jeff, I’m going to try and answer you point by point.

      First the State Dept. denials – if a State Dept official says it’s sunny outside, I will go to my window to check, and take an umbrella with me. They will NEVER back up any words that might in the slightest way support Israel’s position.

      I totally disagree with you about a one-state solution being the “death knell” for Israel because of demographics. That has been debunked ages ago. But in any event I was not necessarily promoting a one-state solution here. I was simply demonstrating – with the backing of the US Administration – that the current two-state solution does not work and never was going to work. It cannot be denied surely, after nearly 25 years?? Some other solution needs to be figured out. There are enough clever Jewish kops in the Knesset and in Israel in general. Let them figure something else out.

      Your idea of “buying” Palestine and “giving” it to the Palestinians is a non starter for teh simple reason that the Palestinians do not want anything to be given to them! They want to show that they FOUGHT FOR IT AND WON! They want to beat, crush and exterminate Israel. And if they die in the process well they’ll go to Heaven and get their 72 virgins or whatever.

      Your suggestion of populating said land with farms and machinery etc. has been tried!! And failed spectacularly! Surely you have not forgotten Israel’s miserable experience with the Gaza withdrawal? Israel withdrew EVERY SINGLE ISRAELI INCLUDING OUR DEAD BODIES! And gave the whole shebang to those poor miserable oppressed Palestinians. With working farms, and greenhouses and export contracts. It took all of 24 HOURS for those wonderful Arabs to shatter the greenhouses and rip them apart for the metal to make missiles, and a further week for them to start rocketing Israel – something that has not let up in 12 years.

      So no thank you. Israel is not going to go that way again.

      You suggest Israel finally make a deal. One needs a partner to make a deal. When the Palestinians decide to be an honest partner a deal will be made within 24 hours. But first the Palestinians, invented nation or not, need to accept that:

      a) Israel is here to stay
      b) Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people
      c) Israel will defend itself to the death against terrorism and murder.

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