Good News Friday – Happy New Ears (and more)

I haven’t written a Good News Friday post for quite a few weeks now, so it’s way past time for a new installment.

Before I get to the tantalising part of my headline, here is a great video which was created by my nephew’s class in Modiin. The video shows my nephew Nadav’s class all declaring their readiness to serve in the IDF, considering it a privilege. It was made in response to the nasty open letter published by 63 12th graders who objected to their national service because object to the “occupation”. I truly think that they have a huge hole in their education despite having officially completed the full 12 years of schooling.

Watch the video below for a heart-warming remedy:


Kol hakavod to Nadav and his entire class for their patriotism, their loyalty and their level-headedness. The kids really are OK.

Happy New Ears

And now to my Happy New Ears update abotu my granddaughter Shaked who received cochlear implants just over 2 months ago. Since then she has made remarkable progress, with the implants being “mapped” (tuned, amplified etc.) and weekly speech therapy sessions.

Below is a video of the latest mapping session at Shaare Zedek. The technicians expand the sound frequencies received by the implants and watch Shaked for her reaction to make sure it is all working properly. Watch her point her little finger:  ❤  😍

And here she is at home, clapping her hands in response to her father clapping his hands. This may be completely routine for a hearing baby, but for Shaked this was a first and we are so excited!

She is a such a little darling and we are so proud of her! May her hearing and speech continue to grow quickly.

And one last item before I go. Today I have a very special birthday (not telling you how much!) and my family have been busying away in the background in complete secrecy for months working on my birthday party. Although I didn’t know anything definite I had caught whispers and hints, but I assumed it was all going to be cancelled since we are still in the mourning period for my late father-in-law z”l.

But mourning is suspended on Shabbat. So the entire party has been moved to Shabbat, and all my kids and grandkids have descended on Petach Tikva to help me celebrate! I was only told about it earlier this week so that I wouldn’t begin Shabbat preparations. We are all staying in the local youth hostel (even though I have a perfectly comfortable home nearby!) with meals at our shul hall.

The most astonishing thing about the whole party is that my entire family, from my parents through my siblings, my children, grandchildren and possibly even friends (I have no idea who is coming!) have not mentioned one word to me in all this time! This surely must be one of the great miracles of our age! 😛

It’s going to be fun. 😀  And noisy! 🙉

I wish you all a Shabbat Shalom

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17 Responses to Good News Friday – Happy New Ears (and more)

  1. Jeff Polaski says:

    Happy Birthday and Shabbat Shalom. Plus, the school class Go IDF video doesn’t seem to show.
    Shaked is such a blessing. She cheers my day!

  2. Shirley Perry says:

    Happy Birthday Anne and very many happy returns till 120!! Have an amazing Shabbat, it all sounds wonderful.

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  4. Elise "Ronan" says:

    Happy Birthday! And mazels for the baby. What wonderful news 🙂

    FYI- I couldn’t play the video of your nephews class. Could it be because I am in the US? Also i
    I think these 63 “brats,” are probably products of an over privileged upbringing, who think they are owed whatever they are given without having to earn it. I wonder if anyone ever pointed out to them that its because of the IDF and those that serve that they have the ability to write such drviel and live their lives in their Tel Aviv bubble.

    • anneinpt says:

      Thank you!

      Re the video of the IDF kids, I have to check its settings, maybe I can repost, though I can see it with no problem. I can’t think being in the US should make a difference.

    • Jeff Polaski says:

      Well, if I could, I would tell the 63 “kids” that the three years I spent in the US Army comprised the best job I ever had. When afterward, I worked with draft dodgers elsewhere, there was something lacking in their makeup, shortcomings in character.
      No being a “wannabe” may I disclose that I was not in active combat, although we lived at ground zero during the Cold War. Nobody ever shot at me until I returned home to Philadelphia.
      Do your duty; you’ll probably be safer than any other time of your life, and life will mean so much more to you by serving with people who may become lifelong friends.

      • anneinpt says:

        Thank you for your service and well said about the value of national service. One doesn’t have to be a combat soldier in order to contribute to one’s society. In Israel there are so many options that even if you don’t want to serve in the IDF, there are civilian options. My daughters did national service, which is essentially voluntary work (but in a quasi-compulsory setting), one in a hospital and one in an educational institute. I know men who didn’t serve in the army but worked as ambulance medics instead. There is no shortage of ways to contribute. So those 63 kids who not only chose not to serve but chose to make a public fuss about it are nothing more than spoiled brats. I am so proud of my nephew and his classmates who made the video where they simply stand up one by one and announce “it is a privilege and honour to serve our country”. Kol hakavod to them.

  5. Reality says:

    What a great class of kids !They are a blessing to our nation(as opposed to those other kids with whom I was disgusted including their schools and teachers).
    Shaked is so so sweet.Its so heartwarming to watch her progress.We truly live in the age of miracles.
    Happy Birthday!Who said I can’t keep a secret?!

  6. Happy birthday, Anne, and mazal Tov to Shaked. May she go from strength to strength!

  7. Fay says:

    Such wonderful news about Shaked, thanks for keeping us posted. She is adorable.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful celebration.

    • anneinpt says:

      I had a wonderful Shabbat with my entire family – and they kept it all a secret! I still can’t believe how no one leaked it!

      • Earl says:

        Happy Birthday, Anne! All of my best wishes for many more.

        /and certainly a delightful gift to you in wee Baby Shaked.

        • anneinpt says:

          Thank you Earl! And baby Shaked is indeed a gift, in more ways than one. It was my birthday (by the Jewish calendar) on Friday, and it is Shaked’s 1st birthday right now, beginning tonight (29th Tevet). ❤

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