The depressing persistence of antisemitism on the Left

The Left, which purports to be the bastion of defender of human rights and equality for all, is in fact the core of the problem of anti-Jewish racism and bigotry. This is unfortunately true on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the last few days, antisemitic insults have been flying back and forth as the American “social justice intersectional” organization Women’s March leaders have not only attended a Savior’s Day rally led by the notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan, but when called out on their behaviour have doubled down and defended him.

A co-president of the Women’s March movement attended a rally in Chicago on Sunday sponsored by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan – only the latest incident in which she has associated with the man whom the Anti-Defamation League calls “the lead­ing anti-Semite in Amer­ica.”

Tamika D. Mallory, one of four presidents of the Women’s March, attended the 2018 Saviours’ Day event at Wintrust Arena in Chicago, an annual event organized by the Nation of Islam.

Farrakhan made multiple inflammatory comments during his three-hour speech. He claimed that “the powerful Jews are my enemy,” that “the Jews have control over agencies of those agencies of government” like the FBI, that Jews are “the mother and father of apartheid,” and that Jews are responsible for “degenerate behavior in Hollywood, turning men into women and women into men.”

CNN host Jake Tapper tweeted details of Farrakhan’s speech to his 1.67 million followers on Twitter, including that the Nation of Islam leader said. that “the powerful Jews are my enemy.”

Watch Louis Farrakhan in a speech last year to get an idea of who he is and what are his ideas:

Here he is in his own words

I could post videos of his speech in its entirety but it is so sickening that I do not want to pollute my blog with his words. If you are interested, simply google his name and “Savior’s Day” and you will find it.

Here is CNN’s Jake Tapper’s tweets regarding the reactions to Farrakhan’s speech:

After coming under fire for supporting Farrakhan, the Women’s March and Tamika Mallory issued a half-hearted apology – which was pretty much rejected:

Tamika Mallory, co-president of the Women’s March, sparked an outcry when she posted a photo of herself and Farrakhan on Instagram following his Saviours’ Day speech in Chicago on Feb. 25.

In that speech, Farrakhan declared that “powerful Jews are my enemy” and that he had “pulled the cover off the eyes of the Satanic Jew.” Farrakhan, as he has done repeatedly in the past, also accused Jews of controlling the FBI and Hollywood, and plotting to synthesize marijuana in order to “feminize” black men.

Mallory subsequently deleted her post, but not before critics demanded to know why the leader of a broad-based civil rights movement would boast of her connections to Farrakhan.

The statement goes on to say, “We love and value our sister and co-President Tamika Mallory, who has played a key role in shaping these conversations. Neither we nor she shy away from the fact that intersectional movement building is difficult and often painful.”

They went on to explain their delay while social media exploded in protests against Mallory’s support for Farrakhan.

The organizers of the Women’s March, from left to right: Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory at BET’s Social Awards in Atlanta, Feb. 11, 2018. (Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

“Our external silence has been because we are holding these conversations and are trying to intentionally break the cycles that pit our communities against each other,” the organizers wrote.

For her part, Mallory tweeted a statement on Sunday that addressed the criticism without mentioning Farrakhan.

“It seems I am not being clear,” she wrote. “I am and always have been against all forms of racism. I am committed to ending anti-black racism, antisemitism, homophobia & transphobia. This is why I helped create an intersectional movement to bring groups together.”

Intersectionality is the theory that various forms of oppression — for example, racism, sexism and homophobia — are all interconnected.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper was among the first to point out Mallory’s support of Farrakhan’s speech. She was then vociferously criticized by Women’s March participants and others for not condemning Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic, anti-gay and transphobic statements, which he has repeated for decades. Some critics called for her to step down as Women’s March co-chair.

Rabbi Sharon Brous, who spoke on the dais at the January 2017 Women’s March, was critical of Mallory’s support for Farrakhan.

“There is no room in a multi-faith, multi-ethnic coalitional movement for anti-semitism, homophobia or transphobia. Full stop,” Brous, rabbi of Ikar in Los Angeles, wrote on Facebook. “You can’t fight racism but excuse anti-Semitism, just as you cannot fight anti-Semitism while excusing and justifying racism or Islamophobia.”

Brous told JTA that she wished that both the Women’s March leadership and Mallory had responded more quickly and pointedly.

“I wish Tamika had walked out [of Farrakhan’s speech] when he started saying those things or immediately posted ‘I made a mistake, he is deeply flawed in his anti-Semitism and homophobia,’” the rabbi said.

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian American and frequent critic of Israel, is another of the Women’s March organizers and co-chairs. She also defended Mallory in a tweet.

“Don’t hold people to standards you refuse to hold yourself to,” she wrote.

The progressive Zionist women’s group Zioness slammed the Women’s March for their support of Farrakhan:

All three leaders of the Women’s March, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour, have longstanding connections to Farrakhan and have declined to condemn his speech.

In a statement on Friday, Amanda Berman, president of Zioness, said, “No one expects progressive leaders — who are humans — to be perfect. We expect them to be inherently good, as opposed to profoundly racist. It would be absolutely unacceptable to Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour if a leader made heinous and hateful comments about their respective communities. And we would join them in loudly condemning that leader.”

“Thus, it is hypocritical beyond words that they continue to align themselves with Louis Farrakhan, who is an unapologetic bigot that spews hate targeting the Jewish community, LGBTQ community, and others,” she continued. “There is no ambiguity on this issue. Either the Women’s March leaders endorse the vilification of the Jewish people or they don’t. It’s that simple. This episode only reaffirms the need to activate and empower new leaders in the feminist movement who show up to fight for the civil and human rights of all people, not just some people.”

In short:

Meanwhile back in London, yet another “intersectional social justice warriors” (for lack of a simpler description) gang simply won’t leave the Jews alone. Here is that bastion of academic freedom, Kings College London, which did not prevent these “pro-Palestinian”, aka antisemitic thugs from invading a Jewish Society event because they didn’t like the idea that an Israeli was among the speakers:

VIOLENT anti-Israel protest at King’s College London!

KCL Action for Palestine, KCL Intersectional Feminist Society, KCL LGTB+, King’s Justice for Cleaners Society organised an aggressive protest against a discussion, hosted by the KCL Libertarian Society, between YouTuber Carl Benjamin and Yaron Brook, an Israeli-American from the Ayn Rand Institute. The aim of the demonstrators was to drive these ‘non-progressive’ speakers off campus with force and they collaborated with thugs from antifa to achieve this.

Smoke bombs were set off outside the university and masked thugs punched their way through security into the hall and pounced on the speakers and student organisers.

The co-organisation of the protest by KCL Action Palestine, motivated by the fact that Yaron Brook is Israeli, is another example of the pro-Palestinian group’s racist intolerance towards anything or anyone Israeli.

The rot of course starts at the top. I have written countless times about the antisemitism prevalent in the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

This week, Jewish activist, researcher and blogger David Collier published a shocking new report on the depraved depths of the antisemitic activities of members of the Hard Left, including some of the Labour Party’s leaders, which he discovered in a secret Facebook group called Palestine Live. Here is an excerpt from his article:

I have been engaged in an exercise to analyse a secret Facebook Group called ‘Palestine Live’. Immersed deeply in an antisemitic soup was disturbing enough, but seeing names there that simply should not ever have stepped foot inside, gave an entirely new, and far darker feel to the entire exercise.

Corbyn was there in late 2014, he may have joined a year earlier, and every indication is, that he stayed in the group until shortly after he became leader of the Labour Party. Jenny Tonge is still a member, David Ward too. Clive Lewis? Go figure. It just shows how blind everyone is to anti-Jewish racism.

I quantified the level of antisemitism within the group, by analysing all those who shared posts over a two week period during February 2018. The level was 64%. When I extracted the Jewish anti-Zionists, the level rose to 73%. Nobody should be able to spend any time at all in that group, without understanding the twisted antisemitism that drives so much of the activity.

Read the rest of the article, but more importantly, read the reports that he has published (Note: AIPL stands for Antisemitism Inside Palestine Live – the name of the secret Facebook group):

AIPL Antisemitism in Palestine Live – Report Part One Download Link

AIPL Antisemitism in Palestine Live – Report Part Two Download Link

I don’t know how David Collier doesn’t become ill from swimming in the sewers of this intense Jew-hatred.

Let’s keep this story at the top of the news until Labour deal with their Jew-hatred problem:

The battle against Labour antisemitism continued on social media as the Twitter account of Labour Antisemitism, aka @gnasherJew, was taken down apparently at the behest of Labour activists:

GnasherJew, which describes itself as a group of Jewish ex-Labour Party members, has been registered on Twitter since March 2017. The image it used for its account was a Yellow Star, as worn by persecuted Jews during the Holocaust. Members of the team said some of them were the descendants of Holocaust survivors who had been consulted about (and agreed with) the use of the image, which they said was “in solidarity” with those who had suffered anti-Semitism.

Labour Antisemitism Twitter account temporarily blocked because of its avatar

But earlier this week GnasherJew found its on-line account had been locked by Twitter. A warning message said that the account could not continue to operate because it had “violated Twitter rules by use of hateful imagery”; unless the image was removed, Twitter said, the account was blocked.

The team told the Jewish News that they were “firmly of the belief” that the suspension was as a result of an angry on-line row with the general secretary of the Unite union, Len McCluskey, whose girlfriend, Jennie Formby, has declared that she is running to succeed Ian McNicol as general secretary of the Labour Party.

GnasherJew had posted a year-old article from the Independent about Ms Formby which included claims about her views on Israel having become “an embarrassment” to the Unite union — claims which were firmly denied by Unite.

But Mr McCluskey reacted with fury and attacked GnasherJew for spreading “lies”, denouncing the account for remaining anonymous and insisting that he was going to “report” it and urging his own followers to do the same.

Within a day Twitter had suspended the GnasherJew account. After intervention from the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and the Community Security Trust, however, the GnasherJew team were assured that the suspension had been an error and that the account would be reinstated.

The GnasherJew team reposted the Yellow Star image, bearing the word “Jude” on their account — only for it to be suspended a second time on Tuesday. It was reinstated shortly afterwards.

The suspensions were greeted with glee by anti-Israel users of Twitter, notably Jackie Walker, who tweeted: “This account, which ferments abuse, hatred and harassment has been suspended at last”. An account using the name @streetswept described GnasherJew as “an abusive troll with a history of violating Twitter’s terms of service”. The team, @streetswept claimed “only care about anti-Semitism when they can use it to smear and harass political opponents”. But there was also a major backlash from supporters of GnasherJew, many of whom changed their own profile image to the Yellow Star to express their anger at Twitter.

Now the GnasherJew team has decided to change tack and has adopted a new profile image designed for them by an autistic Jewish woman who has suffered numerous anti-Semitic attacks, and posts using the name “Sparks of Brass”. A spokesman for GnasherJew told the JN: “We don’t want to risk our account again, as we’ve received no assurances from Twitter that they won’t do this again.”

Shame on Twitter for forcing GnasherJew to remove its avatar of the yellow star. If they are so closed-minded that they cannot tell the difference between a hateful image and a defiant Jewish stance, maybe we should all abandon Twitter altogether.

The only bright light to be spotted this week was from a new Twitter account which represents the beginnings of a lashback within the Labour Party – Labour Councillors against Antisemitism:

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  2. Reality says:

    What a sick world there is out there! All these “progressives”and “human rights and democratic rights “for anyone and everyone except for Jews.(And when it does/n’t suit them the gay community too.)
    Interesting that the violent thugs always cover their faces!Why?Are they frightened of being identified and perhaps legally penalised?
    It’s all so sick and depressing.
    So much for freedom of thought and speech in a democratic country at a university.These “freedom”lovers should go study in some of their freedom loving Arab country ,let them drink alchohol,run around with their women,shout their thoughts and ideas from the rooftops,have gay friendships,and see how they are tolerated and treated.
    It’s totally beyond my comprehension that these “freedom loving,democratic loving,human rights loving people cannot fathom this out.

    • anneinpt says:

      Oh, they can fathom it out OK, they just don’t care. As long as they can stick it to the Jews they can rationalize their behaviour perfectly well. Any inconvenient facts – like the treatment of gays and women by Muslims, not to mention Jews – is ignored because, well, don’t confuse them with facts!

      Their minds are made up and very very closed.

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