Why does the world so enjoy accepting Hamas’ narrative? I am furious!

I was going to write about the fantastic opening ceremony of the American Embassy in Jerusalem yesterday but Hamas in their execrable way managed to steal the limelight from Israel’s glory and turned it into all about them. Because G-d forbid that Israel should be allowed to enjoy a day in the sun without someone trying to kill them.

If I come across here as angry, you are darned right. I am FURIOUS!

I am furious because despite these peaceful protests, sorry, violent riots and attempts at invading Israel’s border having been organized weeks in advance by Hamas in order to mark the Palestinians’ failed attempt to destroy Israel 70 years ago, aka Naqba Day, the world is only too happy to believe the latest propaganda that it’s all about Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to move the US Embassy there.

I am furious because the riots that were incited and led directly by Hamas have erupted and worsened and yesterday 58 Palestinians were killed.

I am furious because the world IMMEDIATELY jumps to attention and accuses Israel of the most heinous war crimes. Who needs enemies when you have an international press too ignorant to examine the most basic facts?

I am furious because no one in the diplomatic world gives Israel the slightest benefit of the doubt, and almost no time to explain itself. Turkey and South Africa have expelled the Israeli Ambassadors and Egypt and Ireland have condemned Israel’s actions, with nary a word against Hamas, while Europe is calling already for an independent inquiry. What chutzpah! Who asked for their opinion?

I am furious because the international media parrot Hamas propaganda blindly and interview Israeli spokesmen with the venom normally reserved for serial killers – which of course Israel is regarded as being.

I am furious at the ignorant public on social media who retweet and repost Palestinian propaganda, who do not educate themselves regarding the facts of the Middle East, and when confronted with such facts, do not allow the facts to cloud their prejudices.

I an furious at the NGOs like Amnesty, HRW and UNRWA which are so concerned with how food, fuel and medicines will enter Gaza now that the terrorists have destroyed the crossing and fuel lines. They have not condemned Hamas, they only turn their demands to Israel, as if we are the responsible parent.

I am furious at the Israeli government which is crawling to make nice with the Palestinians, to repair the goods crossing which the Palestinians destroyed only yesterday. Yet today they turned back trucks carrying more aid!

But my biggest fury is reserved for the murderous thugs of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who with a combination of financial incentives (bribery) and threats (extortion) coerce the people of Gaza to throw themselves like lemmings at the border fence.

For Hamas it is all a win-win situation. If they succeed in bursting through the border fence it is a huge win. If they get killed trying, it is a propaganda win because they KNOW, just like we do, that the international media will portray them as the downtrodden victims, the eternal darlings of the press.

I will post here several tweets and Facebook posts which simply express what I am trying to say here.

Let’s start with some Pallywood before we get to the hard stuff. Watch the “miraculous cure” of the lame Palestinian as he begins to run:

But this is the real McCoy:

Here is media bias at its “best”:


And here is some great commentary from Michael Caplan: (full text below the embedded post):

If you choose – and it IS a choice – to only grant legitimacy and good faith to those criticizing Israel’s actions and motivations, then your choice is “structurally” antisemitic. You needn’t BE antisemitic, however – because YOU can simply CHOOSE to look at the view from the pro-Israeli side. An antisemite would never consider such a thing, because antisemites don’t trust Jews, especially real “Jewy” Jews; an antisemite would assume any pro-Israel argument must be made in bad faith, as a way to cover up Jewish lies. But YOU needn’t make these assumptions; you can just look at the pro-Israel material widely available – from the scholarly to the personal, the ideological to the statistical.

You can examine the reasoning of that 95% or so of the world’s Jews who support the country (even when critical of it). You can explore why there are multitudes of non-Jewish people worldwide who hold no grudge against Israel and see it without rancour. You can compare the accounts presented in the pro-Israel and anti-Israel sources to see which hold up to serious factual scrutiny, which are driven by the desire for a just peace, and which exhibit questionable psychological patterns like evasion, denial, passive aggressiveness, overt aggressiveness, and so on.

If you don’t, however, choose to listen to the pro-Israeli side with an open mind and open heart; if you continue to make your assumptions based only on what’s most readily at hand, in your face and in the media, on what comes out of the “humanitarian” left/liberal mainstream, then you are NOT getting an honest, balanced, historically accurate, ideologically neutral view. And this is how antisemitism has ALWAYS worked.

For WHATEVER reason or host of reasons, that is the PATTERN. Slander and demonization about Jews become public convention (which necessarily means “even among good and decent people”, else it wouldn’t become conventional), and then you get pogroms and a Holocaust – because Jews get slandered and persecuted, but people choose not to believe them.

If any Jews are believed by this persecutory mindset, it’s the small minority (which always exists) who agree with it – in our time, big names like Chomsky and Finkelstein (and back in the day, guys like Marx), plus all kinds of useless idiots in entertainment and the arts, and some of the world’s most accredited academics. Support from these Good Jews is then paraded around as representing some “authentically Jewish” position, versus those other, Bad Jews who are saying things people don’t to hear.

The times are conflicted, the stories are gut-wrenching, the past is full of pain, the future couldn’t be more uncertain. It’s hard to tell “facts” from facts, “truth” from truth, hard to know whom to believe, hard to feel endlessly torn between anger and compassion.

Well, as a medieval Jew might have said about the edicts accusing them of using children’s blood in rituals, or a Russian Jew about the dangers of a libel like “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, or a German Jew reading the papers in 1938: don’t believe what the mainstream tells you. Don’t automatically believe CNN, the BBC, the NYT, the Guardian, the Democratic Party, the Greens, the student groups like JVP, the Jewish pro-BDS people, not to mention the EU, the UN, Amnesty International …. In fact, automatically doubt them.

Because hard evidence against the conventional “narrative” of Israeli criminality exists, in droves. And the anti-Israel bias displayed by all the above organization is entirely obvious, if one cares to look. Refutations of all the allegations of Israeli transgression are out there, in documentary detail. The machinations of Arab leaders to treat their own people as expendable pawns, to decisively refuse any improvement in their conditions in order to increase the rage and tension – those are unhidden. Deconstructions of the anti-Israel talking points and corrections of the falsified history and selectively-presented current events are available with a few clicks. If a black person or a queer person or a woman or a Muslim asked you to consider the racism and structural prejudice they perceive, would you not?

So now a Jewish person who supports Israel – but who is no religious zealot, no right-winger, no social conservative (though neither anti-religious, purely leftist, nor socially anarchist, either) – is saying to you, “Don’t believe the hype”.

Once you start to see the demonization at work, you recognize how, in classic antisemitic fashion, the accusations you hear against Israel are precisely the enemy’s own crimes, projected onto the Jews: killing children, stealing land, ethnic cleansing, cultural appropriation, refusal to compromise, aggressive assault…. Especially now with Gaza going down and the righteous decision to move the embassy: don’t believe the hype.

And from the indomitable Kay Wilson: (full text below the embedded post):


A few things about the riots on the Gaza border and the move of the USA embassy to Jerusalem.

1) There are no Jews in Gaza. There haven’t been for nearly 13 years.

2) According to Forbes, Hamas has an approximate ANNUAL turnover of about $1billion – that is enough to build a bloody paradise in Gaza.

3) Hamas executes and/or tortures gays, Christians, muslim apostates, collaborators, those suspected of collaboration, and anyone who seeks any normalization with Israelis.

Here’s why.

In the Hamas charter it says,

a) Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.
b) The land of “Palestine” (i.e. the area allotted to the Jews by the UN in 1947 and now the Modern State of Israel – with or without the “West Bank”) – is an Islamic Waqf [Holy Possession] consecrated for future Moslem generations until Judgment Day. No one can renounce it or any part, or abandon it or any part of it.
c) Palestine is an Islamic land. Since this is the case, the Liberation of Palestine is an individual duty for every Moslem wherever he may be.
d) The day the enemies usurp part of Moslem land, Jihad becomes the individual duty of every Moslem. In the face of the Jews’ usurpation, it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised.
e) The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.


4) Hamas pays a lifetime salary to terrorists (and their families) who murder Jews, or terrorist’s families of which the terrorists have used the “art” of killing themselves with the result of murdering Jews.

5) Over the last few weeks, Hamas has called upon people to breach the border, cut the fence, fly kites carrying molotov cocktails to burn our crops and our homes, and according to their charter, call for the murder of Jewish women, children and men.

Today’s ‘protest’ was planned to be the biggest of many recent protests. And this date was chosen due to Israel’s declaration of independence 70 years ago today (Gregorian calendar). That is why President Trump chose to move the embassy today.

To suggest – as the mainstream media are doing – that the loss of life on the Gaza border is because of President Trumps decision to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem, is as ridiculous, ignorant, spurious, and illogical – as it is obscene.

You’re welcome.

And here is the brilliant Prof. Eugene Kontorovich talking about the US Embassy move, and at the end defending Israel and deriding the utterly obscene media obsession with “proportionality” – that Israel killed over 50 Palestinian “civilians” while not one Israeli was killed.

This idea of proportionality and body count is immoral and illogical. Nowhere in any law book is it written that a person or a country can only defend itself once it is harmed or killed (something that would be physically impossible in any case).

The media have a Pavlovian response to any Israeli attempts at self-defense. “Israel must STOP!!”. “Gevalt!!” cries the world.


So sorry we didn’t die, international media! We would rather you hate us for not dying than have you loving us because we are the poor victims again. Been there done that back in the 1930s and 1940s and we’re not going to do it again.

I have no solutions, no grand ideas how Israel is ever to get a fair hearing in the UN or the press, or how to persuade governments, media outlets and ordinary people on social media to take the time to learn the facts before jumping to wrong conclusions.

I just needed to vent. I am just furious.

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  2. Thank you both for reposting my words and for your own eloquence and fury, Anne.

  3. Brian Goldfarb says:

    This comment could belong here or in the article below this one.

    Listening earlier today to the BBC and their reporters and then the voice from the UN Human Rights Office (aka UNHRC anti-Israel office) made me want to throw things at the radio. Fortunately, I resisted: why damage my own property when it’s them I want to damage!?

    Some facts: today 15/5/18, over 60 Gazans were killed by the IDF ( at least 24 (just over 40%) of them have been identified as Hamas operatives), and many more wounded when the IDF used live fire (i.e., real bullets) to deter them from approaching the fence.

    Now the comment: aside from Ambassador Regev’s comments, there was no mention of the intention of the “demonstrators” to break through the fence and kill Israeli citizens. There was no mention of the stated claim by Hamas, when they started these events many days ago, to break through the fence and march into Israel, killing Israeli citizens to “celebrate” Nakba Day. The spokesman for the UN Human Rights Department even had the gall to assert that the fact that they were carrying wire cutters was irrelevant and that that was no reason for the iDF to open fire

    What? He thought they’d just come from Homebase (a UK chain of hardware stores) and were diverted from their journey home and a little gardening to the border fence? That they needed to trim the chicken wire around the chicken battery farm, but decided to attack the border fence first?

    And the BBC commentators were no better, blaming the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem for today’s events, when they knew very well that this had nothing to do with it. Hamas had planned these attacks on the border long before they knew that Trump planned to move the Embassy, let alone the date when this was supposed to happen. Israel’s 70th birthday has everything to do with Hamas’s violence, and the BBC reporters know this, but it’s easier and more politically correct to find a reason to blame the Americans (specifically Trump, for whom I hold no candle) and the Israelis than to pursue the truth.

    And no-one in the regular media here in the UK notes that the Gazans have destroyed their side of the oil supply line for fuel into the Strip, That’s the Israelis fault as well I suppose? Do Hamas and the Gaza population bear absolutely no responsibility for their own actions? How childlike does that make them? How patronising is that?

    August Bebel (19th Century German Social Democrat) had it nailed when he said that “antisemitism is the socialism of fools”.

    Excuse me while I go and bang my head against the wall and (Earl will understand the reference) spit nickels at the same time.

  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    “So sorry we didn’t die, international media! We would rather you hate us for not dying than have you loving us because we are the poor victims again. Been there done that back in the 1930s and 1940s and we’re not going to do it again.”

    Anne, at the end of her post. If you don’t understand her (and my) sentiments contained in this quote, then you have a lot of learning to do. Except, of course, if you did, you wouldn’t be here.

    But the deliberate misinformation and misunderstanding is so infuriating. You wouldn’t think that a world-wide population of about 15 or 16 million (out of, do the maths yourself, 6 or is it now 7 billion) could arouse so much animosity and downright hatred, would you?

    Oh, you would…

  5. Reality says:

    I too am spitting with rage (good for Nakba day!) at Hamas,and all the foreign biased media and the( anti)humanitarian rights UN groups.The only redeeming light amongst them is Nikki Haley.Thank G-d she is there speaking up for us.Apparently according to the council,human rights do not apply and never have applied to the Jews/Israelis

  6. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Fortunately, not all British journalists get it wrong about Gaza & Hamas. Here is Matthew d’Ancona in the London Evening Standard of today’s date (16/5/18):

    • anneinpt says:

      He’s not bad but he puts in so many caveats, particularly about Trump, that he waters down his own opinion. Still, better than a kick in the pants.

      To be honest I don’t know why Israel doesn’t sue all the biased media outlets for publishing blood libels. Their reportage is so outrageous it takes my breath away.

      As I said in my post, and I keep repeating myself over and over, even at home to people who agree with me, why does the world so eagerly believe the absolute worst of Israel? When they KNOW bloody full well that it is not true! After all, if Israel really wanted to commit genocide do they really think one Palestinian would be left standing?

  7. ShimonZ says:

    תמיד לבד והעולם נגדנו. זה המצב ואין מה לעשות. אל תקחי ללב, באהבה

    • anneinpt says:

      תודה שמעון יקירי. המילים שלך תמיד מרגיעים אותי. ובכל זאת, אני כל כך בוערת בכעס נגד התקשורת העולמים שמתעקשת לראות רק את הרע. וגם אם זה טוב הם הופכים אותו לרע רק כדי להשמיץ את ישראל

      ואני לא מאמינה שאין מה לעשות. יש מה לעשות. רק צריכים לחשוב מה.

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