More on anti-Israel media bias re Gaza, plus a mea culpa

This is the gift that keeps on giving, the subject that never dies away. As I have written previously, and especially in this latest round of clashes in Gaza, the automatic bias in international forums against Israel is almost Pavlovian. As soon as Israel takes active measures to defend itself Israel is condemned for disproportionate actions, war crimes, and generally being a Bad Thing that ought to be gotten rid of.  UN resolutions abound, ambassadors are humiliated and expelled, and the media get out their blood-libel textbooks in order to copy it out for the next day’s headlines.

Here are some more interviews and articles which are sure to raise your blood pressure. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Via Daphne Anson, here is the indefatigable Ambassador Mark Regev on UK Channel 4. How he keeps his cool I don’t know but he ought to be awarded a medal. I found myself screaming at the screen:

Here is an Israeli embassy spokesman on BBC Breakfast TV:

UK Media Watch brings us two absolutely revolting articles from those old antisemitic standbys:

The Guardian’s editorial demonstrates its unbridled hatred of Israel

The Independent wheels out its blood libel machine as it accuses Israel of “gassing” a Gaza baby (which turned out to have died of pre-existing causes).

But all is not lost. Not quite.

The editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, issued a stupid and shameful tweet about Gaza a few days ago:

His tweet gave the backing to a revolting libellous article in the daily Express of which he is also the editor, as Edgar Davidson explains:

Yesterday Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard Issued an appalling statement slamming Israel for defending its border against the genocidal hordes led by Hamas. Today the Express newspaper of which he is also Editor has published one of the most vicious and unbalanced anti-Israel hit pieces I’ve seen. It is based on a blood libel – it was known yesterday that this baby’s death had nothing to do with Israel ( the baby died of a pre-existing condition). The unprecedented full page story (the Express rarely does this for foreign news) is straight Hamas propaganda. It uses Hamas sources as facts but puts Israeli claims in sarcastic quotes. The worst reporting. Would like some explanation from Pollard.

This was followed by an equally stupid and shameful article by the JC’s reporter Daniel Sugarman who wrote that Israel should be condemned for its overwhelming response to the Gaza rioters.

Two days later and Sugarman had the grace to admit he was wrong and say that he was ashamed of himself:

It’s never easy to say you’re sorry.

To admit you’re wrong. To announce publicly, “I made a mistake”.

But to apologise when that apology comes bound up with what is, perhaps, the most intractable conflict on earth, makes it a thousand times harder.

But that is what I am. Sorry.

A few days ago I wrote a column about the latest round of violence on the border with Gaza.

But the criticism I paid more attention to was from people who pointed out that it was absurd to deal in hypotheticals. I’d said that surely there must be a way the protestors could be stopped without shooting live ammunition at them – that Israel, with its incredible technological capabilities, must be capable of developing a way. That was a cry of anguish, but it was not an argument. If no such technology currently exists, then it was absurd of me to blame the IDF for not magically willing it into existence. The traditional crowd stopping technology would not have worked effectively. Rubber bullets are only short range. The same with water cannons. And with tens of thousands of people rushing the border, this would have been extremely unlikely to work effectively. The border would have been broken through. And then, without much of a doubt, a lot of people in Israel would have died. That was, after all, Hamas’s stated aim.

But what really affected me the most was yesterday, when a Hamas operative went on television and claimed that, of the 62 people killed in the last two days, fifty were Hamas operatives. Islamic Jihad claimed three more, meaning that over 80 percent of the people who were killed while trying to breach the border were members of terrorist organisations whose direct aim is to bring death and suffering into Israel.

And I opened my eyes and saw what I had done.

I had fallen into the trap I had always been convinced I would not fall into. I had condemned Israel for defending itself.

Kol hakavod to Sugarman for this clear mea culpa.

However, my thoughts are not quite as forgiving. As a Jewish journalist who knows and loves Israel well, why did he not trust the IDF and the Israeli reports from the scene? Why was he only convinced when Hamas confessed?

It’s disgraceful how he immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion and saw fit to play into the hands of the antisemites.

After all the myriad of times that Israel has been unfairly condemned surely he of all people should have known better!

So yes, nice apology but too little too late. Next time he should keep his mouth shut and his keyboard locked till the full details emerge.

For his information and for anyone else looking to defend Israel and not worry about its moral character, here is the wonderful Col. Richard Kemp:

And here is his article in the Daily Telegraph this week:

And here is Sky News Australia correspondent Andrew Bolt with a staunch defence fo Israel. What a refreshing change for Sky News! Then again, he is an Aussie, and it is well known that Australia is a staunch supporter of Israel:

I don’t think anything is going to change any time soon, which is pretty depressing. But we have to take heart from those who see the truth and defend us staunchly. And from those like Sugarman who see the error fo their ways and admit it in public.

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13 Responses to More on anti-Israel media bias re Gaza, plus a mea culpa

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  2. Elise "Ronan" says:

    It is beyond me how revolting the diaspora Jews were and how they were so quick to condemn Israel before they knew the facts. I mentioned in my class today that its all about Trump Derangement Syndrome. If Trump supports Israel they are going to be against Israel. Apparently the majority of diaspora Jews are too stupid to think for themselves and are like sheeple going to their own slaughter.

    That the MSM is antisemitic, is not a surprise. They are not a news organizations anymore, but antisemitic propaganda tools. But Jews should be ashamed of themselves. Pollard, as a voice of the mainstream UK Jewish community, is what Isi Leiber called a “trembling Israelite.”

    And people wonder why I removed myself and my family from mainstream Jewish life in the US. Feh on them all.

    • anneinpt says:

      You’re absolutely right. After I posted this I saw the video of British leftist Jews saying Kaddish – kaddish!!! – for the Hamas “victims” of 2hich 90% were terrorists.

      What the hell were they thinking? Or maybe they weren’t thinking at all. Virtue signalling like mad, that’s for sure, and so bending over backwards to sympathise with the other side that they don’t know which end is up. I was going to update my post with the video and then thought better of it. Every time I see it I feel my blood pressure shoot up.

      shame on them all for sympathising with the enemy and forgetting who their own people are. And shame on them double for not understanding that if those terrorists had not been killed they would have invaded Israeli homes and killed civilians.

      It is simply incomprehensible to me.

      • Brian Goldfarb says:

        “It is beyond me how revolting the diaspora Jews were…”

        Sorry, Elise, but you clearly haven’t been reading comments by people like me and others here. “diaspora Jews” overwhelmingly support the right of Israel to exist in peace and security and to defend itself when attacked.

        You need to specify just who this minority of non-Israeli Jews are. For example, I was on a country walk with 10 other “diaspora Jews” on Monday and not one expressed any anti-Israeli feelings. On the contrary, they were spitting nickels at the failure of the media in the UK to get it right.

        While I reserve the right to criticise specific actions of any Israeli government (just as I do for my own government – even one I voted for – and any other democratic government in the world) this does not make me either anti-Israeli or a stooge of the “as-a-Jew” brigade or any other either or both antisemitic or self-hating Jew group.

        Just ask Anne.

        • Elise "Ronan" says:

          I am speaking about the Stephen Pollards of the Jewish world who jumped on the hate-Israel bandwagon right away without even waiting to see what happened and did not give Israel the benefit of the doubt. Or Daniel Sugarman. I don’t care if they sort of apologized. Shame on them.The same with several other Jewish “dignitaries” throughout the world that decided they had to attack Israel without knowing what was going on. And yes I am also talking about the stupid children that said kaddish for Hamas terrorists.

          It is nice to hear that there are others like me in the diaspora who do support Israel. Sometimes i really feel all alone. You don’t see any protests for Israel anywhere here in NY. Not. A. One. Honestly, even in my class that I teach at a social care organization dedicated to holocaust survivors, some of them were saying how Israel was killing peaceful protestors and that saying they were armed is fake news. That Israel shouldn’t shoot back and just let them in. And when I said they are saying they are going to kill Jewish children. The response was so what. I started yelling at them. (Yeah I lost it) You would think that these people of all people would think that protecting Jewish children was paramount. I was so upset I had to call my director after the class.

          Listen, I am not uncritical at times, but never when Israel is at war and this is war. Simply because Hamas doesn’t wear a uniform doesn’t mean anything. And those that think it does doesn’t understand reality of 21st century warfare.

          I have seen so many Jewish “lawyers” listing international law to lambast Israel as well on TV and on social media. Showing how smart they are and how “withit” they are. I am tired of it, that is all. These “as a Jew” Jews that get time on TV and say they represent our community in order to blood libel Israel. I am tired of Jews like Jeffrey Goldberg being so even handed and those that are begging the progressives to let them into their Jew hating political parties.I am just so done.

          • anneinpt says:

            That is awful Elise. The apathy towards Israel is shocking. I had no idea it was that bad amongst the older age group. They have been brainwashed by the MSM over the years, I have no other explanation.

            It’s also terrible that you have not seen support for Israel in NY of all places. This was true in England too until fairly recently, but with the rise of grass-roots support groups like Sussex Friends of Israel and then new affiliates like North-West friends of Israel, and many more, plus CUFI and others, British Jewry are gaining confidence and raising their heads.

            It seems to be working in reverse in the US. Maybe you have to give it time till the malign influence of the Obama years has worn off.

            But surely there are Salute to Israel parades and the like? But I guess you mean not the kind of defense of Israel protests to counter the hatred.

            You should try contacting the ZOA. They are the most pro-active Zionist American group that i know and they have a very good reputation. Maybe there are activities in your area that you are not aware of.

            • Elise "Ronan" says:

              ZOA has lost its mind. It has gone from a thinking organization to anything Trump wants is good. That is not going to sit well with the majority of Jews here and it makes me very uncomfortable.

              The Salute to Israel parade is in a few weeks. But they started letting pro-BDS groups in a few years ago, and last year JVP attacked a group of Jewish gay kids that were marching in the parade. Its a mess. The problem is that the Jewish machers want to have an open tent when they really need to kick out those who use their Jewish heritage as a shield to support antisemites. Too many think that there are two sides to every issue and have never actually read a history book.

              My dismay is more about the national Jewish orgs that said not one word, and those that did they were pieties about being “nice.” AJC, ADL (of course), even UJA. It was despicable their cowardliness.

              I don’t think it has anything to do with Obama right now. Most Jews, like people, can’t see beyond their Trump Derangement Syndrome. If Trump thinks its a good idea, they are against it. If Trump want to move the embassy, they think tis terrible. if Trump stands up for Israel, well that means Israel has to be wrong. They are unable to be nuanced or intelligent.

              • Brian Goldfarb says:

                But this is still a minority of Diaspora Jews and they are not the only vocal ones. Please don’t lump me in with the likes of Stephen Pollard, or even assume that he represents majority view of Diaspora Jewry. He and his ilk do not.

                • Elise "Ronan" says:

                  Brian, if my comment doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply to you. If you are not in agreement with the Stephen Pollards of the world them my comment didn’t apply to you. I too am a diaspora Jew, and my comment didn’t apply to me, either.

  3. Reality says:

    I gave up watching the videos otherwise I would be spending Shavuot in an intensive heart unit after having a heart attack!I cannot understand.If someone would storm France,Belgium or their own personal house,does that not constitute a threat?A possibly fatal threat?What,we should wait until they are actually massacaring our people and then say”wait are we now allowed to use live fire?”Even then these disgusting people would say no.How dare they?
    As for those reform Jews.Also in the US they were condemning and praying for the poor innocent Gazans!Are they mad?How dare they call themselves caring Jews?Are they even Jews?They are a disgrace to Judaism.I wonder if they would say kaddish had G-d forbid we hadn’t used live fire and the fence was stormed,and our people killed.I think they should go to Gaza and help their Hamas friends build schools and hospitals .Or perhaps move there and live openly as Jews.Lets see how long it would take till they were butchered.

    • anneinpt says:

      What a sad letter. The times used to be so good, despite what the leftists tell you. The settlers and Arabs all got along very well until Arafat and his henchmen were brought back to Israel by those very same leftists. It is a similar story in Judea and Samaria.

      I am pessimistic as to how we can ever get those good times back again. It’s all been broken too much.

      • Elise "Ronan" says:

        Only with a change in PA leadership will anything change, but that is not going to happen. Even the ones that they think is going to take over for Abbas is even more of a shit than he is, which is also saying something.

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