Another pro-Hezbollah Al Quds Day March in London, and a Zionist counter-protest

Once again London witnessed the disgraceful spectacle of thousands of terror-supporting pro-Hezbollah marchers in the heart of London, after the pusillanimous refusal of the British Home Secretary Sajid Javid to ban Hezbollah in its entirety, including its “political wing”. Such a “political” wing in fact does not even exist according to Hezbollah’s own words.

As Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem said in 2012: “We don’t have a military wing and a political one; we don’t have Hezbollah on one hand and the resistance party on the other.”  Other senior Hezbollah officials rejected the division and Saudi Arabian newspapers criticized the EU for making this distinction.

The EU finally proscribed Hezbollah in its entirety, but while Britain passed a non-binding resolution to ban it, it has not enforced this into law.

This is how come Londoners had to suffer once again this outrageous spectacle of terror supporters marching in support of one of the most violent terrorist organizations in the world.

The Gatestone Institute lists some of the revolting speakers at this year’s Al Quds march:

This year, the vicar Stephen Sizer, who has suggested that Israel was behind 9/11 and was banned from social media by Church of England authorities for six months for sharing “clearly anti-Semitic” material, will be one of the main speakers at the Al Quds march.

Jeremy Corbyn defended the vicar at the time, claiming that he had been condemned because he had “dared to speak out against Zionism”.

Mick Napier, of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, will also be speaking at the march. An activist who promotes isolating Israel to destroy it economically, Napier was convicted of aggravated trespass against an Israeli cosmetics store in 2014 and of failing to follow police orders to leave the store.

Just watch some of the hatred towards Israel expressed at the Al Quds march:

Thankfully this year, as last year, the British pro-Israel and Zionist organizations acted together to counter the ugly hate festival. Sussex Friends of Israel have videos of all the speakers at the counter-rally, at which the Zionist Federation, North London Friends of Israel and many other organizations participated. Here are a few to give you a taste of the action. You can see them all at the link above:


Here below is Harry from North London Friends of Israel, followed by MP Matthew Offord, a staunch supporter of Israel:


But the star of the entire event was no doubt media personality and commentator Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim and previously a terror supporter! His words ring loud and true and the terror-supporters hate him for it:


Kol hakavod to all the Zionist organizations who organized the counter-rally and of course a huge thank you to all the brave participants in the rally. It is no easy thing to possibly risk your personal safety when countering those supporters of a violent terrorist organization.

It is just so sad, not to say outrageous, that such a counter-rally was necessary in the first place. As Matthew Offord said, “we shouldn’t need to be here”. If the British Home Secretary and the government would do their job properly, the Al Quds rally could never have taken place to begin with.

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10 Responses to Another pro-Hezbollah Al Quds Day March in London, and a Zionist counter-protest

  1. Reality says:

    It can only be anti semitism that inspires every country to support Hizbollah/PLO/Islamic jihad etc..There is no other explanation.When will they wake up?When its too late?

    • anneinpt says:

      It’s not that they support these groups. They just don’t think they’re dangerous or bad enough to ban outright. Or maybe they’re scared of them. Doesn’t make much difference in the end though does it.

  2. Elise "Ronan" says:

    Actually from an American perspective this is legal. Its infuriating, but legal. The idea of free speech is the counter demonstrations, which seem to have gone well. I have seen Hezbollah flags at antiIsrael rallies here in the US too. Not as much as in London, but Londonistan is a special case.

    Remember Nazis can march here. KKK can march here. All hateful morons have a right to march here. It’s not easy. But sometimes hiding them in the shadows keeps everyone from hearing what they truly say. Let them speak. They only shame themselves and prove that they are antithetical to all freedom, not just the existence of Israel.

    • I can’t agree with you entirely, Elise.
      I don’t think “Nazis can march here. KKK can march here” is something Americans should be proud of.
      There are limits to “Free Speech” – and rightly so. When it crosses the boundaries between “Jews are horrible, Jews are thieves, Jews are murderers” and morphs into “Kill all the Jews” – then it becomes incitement to murder and, as such, should be banned.

      • Elise "Ronan" says:

        It’s an issue of the US constitution and quite frankly as an American the US Constitution is something to be proud of. Because by protecting the rights of people who are unwelcome, it also protects YOUR rights at the same time.

        Quite frankly today we would like to ban the Nazis and KKK. Tomorrow someone would ban us because we stand up to the Nazis and KKK. That too has happened in countries in history, especially to Jews. And it IS happening across colleges and cities across the world to those of us who are zionists. We are banned, no platformed and attacked for demanding a right that every other people in the world have. So yeah, abhorrent free speech is important. It is essential to protecting your own speech.

  3. anneinpt says:

    Elise and Shimona, thank you for your interesting discussion and comments. First of all Shimona and I are coming at it from a British angle, whereas Elise, you are looking at it from an American angle. The two are not identical.

    The British do ban hate speech. Look what they did to Tommy Robinson just now! Now I’m a little bit wary of Robinson. He used to be a far-right nationalist whose organization tolerated if not encouraged antisemitism. But to his credit he left the organization. But mud sticks and the authorities have got it in for him. The minute he says something about Islam – NOT Muslims – he is thrown into jail. Whether rightly or wrongly I will not address here. I don’t know enough about it.

    But compare the alacrity with which he was thrown into jail with the utter apathy shown towards the Hezbollah march.

    Either there is free speech for all or for none. If you tolerate one but not the other then you (i.e. the UK authorities) are hypocrites, or antisemites. Maybe both.

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