Rocket barrage in the south – three Israelis hurt as house suffers a direct hit in Sderot

It was only to be expected. Our stupid, cowardly, lily-livered “government” have been negotiating with Hamas (Hamas! Unbelievable!) to arrange a truce, so what do Hamas do?

They shoot across the border of course, and fire off yet another huge barrage of rockets towards the “Gaza envelope”, the group of Israeli towns and villages around the border. These rocket launches have never completely stopped, but until now there has been very little damage, though of course the lives of the southern residents have been completely disrupted as they rush in and out of their bomb shelters.

The rocket barrage is ongoing as I type, with Red Alerts blaring in several communities simultaneously. These are screenshots from my phone as the warnings came in:

Red Alerts along the Gaza Border

A short while ago a house in Sderot took a direct hit, injuring three people

Three people were injured when rockets fired from Gaza struck the southern Israeli town of Sderot on Wednesday evening, as tensions between Israel and the Palestinian enclave spiraled dramatically a day after Hamas vowed revenge for the deaths of two of its gunmen.

According to the Israeli military, eight rockets were fired at southern Israel from Gaza at approximately 7:40 p.m. Two of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, and at least two landed in the town of Sderot.

Police said officers were sent to four sites where rockets or fragments of Iron Dome missiles struck Sderot.

A 34-year-old man was lightly-to-moderately wounded by shards of broken glass while inside an apartment building in the town, according to the Magen David Adom ambulance service.

Injured man in Sderot

Another man in his 20s was also lightly wounded by glass shrapnel to the limbs in a different area of Sderot. And a woman sustained an injury to her leg as she ran to a bomb shelter.

All three were taken to Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center for treatment, along with two pregnant women who went into premature labor as a result of the stress from the attack, MDA said.

Eight people were taken to the hospital after they suffered panic attacks. Three others who suffered panic attacks were treated on the scene.

Videos and photographs from Sderot showed heavy damage to a home and several cars hit by rockets, as well as shrapnel riddling an apartment building.

Watch this raw footage of one of the rocket attacks as it is intercepted near a group of children as they run screaming to their shelter:

Besides the rocket fire, Hamas have been shooting at civilian vehicles working on the security barrier:

The rocket fire from Gaza came shortly after an IDF tank struck Hamas posts in Gaza after shots were fired across the border towards civilian engineering vehicles working on the IDF’s underground barrier with the coastal enclave.

Bullet hole damage to Israeli civilian engineering vehicle near Gaza border

“Terrorists shot at civilian vehicles that were being used in the effort to construct the barrier around the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. One vehicle was hit,” the IDF said.

Earlier on Wednesday the IDF closed several roads near the Gaza border after warning that it was concerned of a retaliatory attack by Hamas after two of its elite members were killed in an IDF strike on Tuesday.

According to the IDF Route 25 and several other smaller roads were closed after Hamas was identified as having cleared several military positions along the border as well as threats made by the group.

The rocket fire also comes as a senior Hamas official said that UN and Egyptian mediated ceasefire talks between the terror group and Israel have reached “advanced stages” with a deal expected to be signed soon.

And let us not forget the ongoing massive arson being carried out by Hamas and its henchmen against Israeli farmers, parkland and nature reserves:

Despite the ceasefire talks, dozens of fires have ignited following the continued launching of aerial incendiary devices into southern Israel. In response IDF aircraft have continued to strike the cells launching the devices.

Hundreds of incendiary devices have been launched towards Israel since late March when Gazans began weekly protests along the border with Israel.

As I’m writing the news is overtaking me, and we hear of IDF strikes against several Hamas targets. But this hardly impresses me. It is the same old same old, and nothing changes or will change under this current format.

All this raises the massive question – what on earth is our government doing even considering a truce, let alone actively engaging in negotiations with that vicious, murderous Jew-hating organization?

They have lost their minds and we Israelis have lost our collective minds too. We should be manning the barricades, protesting wildly in the streets against our leaders’ inaction.

Yes, I know they have to deal with Syria/Russia as well, and also worry about containing Iran. But the Gaza situation is outrageous: to allow Israeli citizens to have their livelihoods ruined, their children traumatized and the environment devastated because they fear the IDF won’t be able to cope with a two-front war is incredible.

The IDF’s top brass have assured the government the army is ready to fight wherever and whenever, on as many fronts as necessary. If the government feel the IDF are not telling the truth then they should fire the Chief of Staff. And if they government agrees with the IDF, then why are they not confronting Hamas on its turf? Why do they not assassinate or at least arrest Hamas’ leaders? And, yes, the ones who come after them too.

Why are the IDF not being told to bomb every single tunnel, weapons storage facility, weapons manufacturing workshop, incendiary balloon launchers, the works?

And where is Bibi? Has anyone heard from him lately? Has he addressed the nation and I missed it? Has he been to the south more than the once when he felt pressurised into doing so? Why is he not leading this nation? If he cannot do it then he should step down forthwith.

I scratch my head in fury and disbelief. This is not the government I voted for.

PS: More rocket attacks as I publish this post.

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7 Responses to Rocket barrage in the south – three Israelis hurt as house suffers a direct hit in Sderot

  1. Great commentary Anne.
    I say Chaim Ben Pesach or Moshe Feiglin for PM.
    Great video by Chaim on exactly what Anne is talking about.

  2. Steve Brown says:

    Hamas is giving Israel only two options. The first is to eliminate the top Hamas officials and the architects of their terrorist activities (rocket engineers, trainers of snipers, etc.). The second option, as reported by Debkafile, is a limited duration full-scale military operation.

    The government keeps making one mistake during every press conference. It must remind the press that the Hamas Covenant requires the killing of all Jews, and so long that the leadership of Hamas continues to follow its founding document there can be no peace.

  3. Reality says:

    Our govt.are so pathetic and probably all on their summer holidays so what do they care?We must never agree to a ceasefire with Hamas.They never keep to any of the agreements,and our idiotic representatives claim we can’t break the ceasefire conditions!I don’t understand their way of thinking.Unless the rockets hit Ashkelon or Jerusalem or Tel Aviv,they ignore the south.There should be a huge demonstration in Kikar Rabin .That might get their attention as nothing else does

  4. DavidinPT says:

    I am surprised that no-one has pointed out to our Great Leader (joke!) that he has taken us back 75 years. Instead of trembling Jews cowering in sewers under the Warsaw Ghetto, we now have trembling Jews cowering inside sewer pipes placed on the streets of Sderot. Good job, Mr “Never Again” Netanyahu.

    • anneinpt says:

      Well said. I can hardly contain my fury while the non-government dithers and wavers. Looking back through my blog we went through the EXACT SAME NONSENSE in 2014 and in 2012. And probably in 2009 too though my blog doesn’t go back so far.

      And every time we finally cracked and went in hard. But never hard enough. And then we agreed to yet another ruddy ceasefire. And yet again the world judges us.

      or rather it misjudges us. Rather gleefully I might add. Calling us Nazis and fascists and all kinds of awful things.

      Well sod them all.

      • DavidinPT says:

        If I was running this country my instructions to the army would be threefold. Firstly, hit their infrastructure constantly and without mercy; Secondly, kill all their leadership whenever the opportunity presents itself, indeed hunt them down, and ignore any human shields. Thirdly, bomb civilian areas indiscriminately in retaliation for their attacks on our civilians, and to pre-empt any cries of war crimes call the operation “Dresden” so as to remind the world, and particularly Europe of similar precedents. Then keep up this pressure till we see white flags, then we dictate the terms, which in simple Churchillian English are “Total Surrender”.

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