Turning the tables on our enemies

It’s been an interesting few weeks as the tables turn and turn again on our enemies.

Remember how the Palestinians tried to get Israel thrown out of FIFA, the international football association, on the false grounds of discrimination against Arabs?  And remember when they blackmailed and threatened Lionel Messi, the Argentinian team captain, to pull the team out of a friendly with Israel recently?

Well, their efforts have come back to bite them on their tuchus as FIFA has slapped a one-year ban on Jibril Rajoub, the infamous terrorist and now (incredibly) the head of the Palestinian football association:

More than a decade of incitement against Israel’s participation in world soccer by Jibril Rajoub — the former convicted terrorist who heads the Palestine Football Association (PFA) — backfired spectacularly on Friday, when soccer’s international governing body, FIFA, slapped him with a twelve-month ban.

Rajoub’s specific offense centered on his inflammatory comments toward Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi in June, when Argentina had been scheduled to play a pre-World Cup friendly against Israel in Jerusalem. The June 9 fixture was subsequently nixed, in large part because of the naked threats made by Rajoub, who warned that Messi was “a big symbol so we are going to target him personally and we call on all to burn his picture and his shirt and to abandon him.”

Jibril Rajoub celebrates after getting lionel Messi to cancel the Israel v. Argentina game

Following the cancellation of the game, Rajoub abruptly changed his tune, obsequiously thanking Messi and the Argentine FA for pulling out.

On Friday, FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee concluded that Rajoub had breached the organization’s disciplinary code with statements that “incited hatred and violence.”

Fining Rajoub 20,000 Swiss Francs — just over $20,000 — the committee declared: “The 12 month suspension imposed on Mr. Rajoub entails a ban on taking part in any future match or competition taking place in the given period.”

Attempting to pre-empt Rajoub’s regular practice of denouncing his enemies to the press, FIFA underlined that the ban extended to “media activities at stadiums or in their vicinity on match days.”

Kol hakavod to FIFA who saw through the blatant lies to the violent threats beneath and acted accordingly. If only this clear-sightedness would extend to other international institutions. (I’m looking at you, UN).

In a very refreshing turn of events, the next couple of items deal with the Arabs calling out their own people for their lies.

The new darling of the international left and the Israel-hating crowd, the teenage terrorist wannabe Ahed Tamimi, (aka Shirley Temper as Israellycool has dubbed her) has been derided for her easy time in an Israeli prison, but more importantly she has been widely condemned for her praise of Hezbollah:

Teen Palestinian icon Ahed Tamimi, who was sentenced to eight months in an Israeli prison for hitting an IDF soldier during a violent demonstration in her village of Nabi Saleh and was hailed as a heroine upon her release last month, has now prompted angry Arab responses to a video in which she voiced support for Hezbollah.

In the video, which features Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah praising Tamimi, the young woman is seen thanking Nasrallah for his praise and for standing up to the “crimes of the occupation.”

Watch the video below:

Tamimi was convicted in March after her mother livestreamed footage of her hitting IDF soldiers last December during one of the protests that had become a regular occurrence in her village at the time. The soldiers were trying to keep rioters out of the Tamimi family’s home.

In the video message that sparked the latest controversy, the teenager speaks directly to the camera and says, “To the honorable Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, I would like to say thank you very much and happy [Eid al Adha].”

Tamimi adds in the video that Nasrallah’s words strengthened her morale greatly, and “not only mine but a lot of people’s.”

“I represent the [Palestinian] people – I don’t represent myself. I represent the people and the goal. Nasrallah spoke in support of the entire Palestinian people, not just me,” Tamimi said.

Tamimi “saluted” the Hezbollah leader, “who always strengthens us [the Palestinians]. We are all with him, and we are all proud of him.”

Tamimi’s remarks put her supporters in the Palestinian Authority, who enjoy the backing of Sunni Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in an unpleasant position. The Sunni Arab states are staunch opponents of the Shiite axis, which includes Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Many Arab social media users vented their fury at Tamimi. One user from Saudi Arabia criticized her, saying “she herself admitted that all she did in prison was have parties, and now she’s going and heaping compliments on a murderer.”

We can sit back and enjoy the schadenfreude although it’s sad that they consider being pro-Israel a bad thing.

Conversely however, (via Elder of Ziyon), a Saudi official praised Israel for allowing Muslim pilgrims to perform the the Hajj, while other countries don’t:

A Saudi official praised Israel for allowing its Muslim population to travel to Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj, unlike some Muslim-majority countries, i24NEWS reports.

The Haj in Saudi Arabia

While the minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance Sheikh Abdullatif Bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, did not specify which country he was referring to, it is likely he is referring to Qatar, which reportedly claimed last week that its citizens could not register for the pilgrimage, which is mandatory for Muslims to carry out at least once in their life if they have the means.

“The state of Israel, from what we know of it, has not banned Muslim pilgrims from coming to the Kingdom to take part in their religious obligation, however one of the countries, as we know or have been told, have banned pilgrims from traveling,” Al-Sheikh said.

A tweet of the video of the rare praise of Israel by Saudi Arabia — which still does not officially recognize Israel — was responded to by Israel’s Arabic account stating, “Thank God, Israel facilitated for more than 4,000 Muslim citizens to head to the holy places to complete the Hajj pilgrimage.”

The compliment comes after slight improvements to Saudi-Israeli relations, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman acknowledging Israel’s right to exist while year-long tensions with Qatar have resulted in Saudi Arabia threatening to physically separate Qatar from Saudi Arabia by digging a canal.

We still have a long way to go but maybe these are the first baby steps on the way to normalization.

We can live in hope.

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