Good News Friday

I’m back to regular programming – for about a week, until Rosh Hashana falls next week, followed by the month of Jewish festivals.

Until then, I present you with my latest Good News Friday installment.

Let’s start with our favourite subject, Israel’s biomedical industry. Watch this short video to learn about yet another incredible Israeli development in the treatment of cancer:


Kol hakavod to the extremely clever and talented researchers and scientists who invented this device. May their product go on to save thousands of lives.

On a related theme, here is a brilliant Israeli development which I am sure we will all enjoy: sugar-reduced cakes! With no chemical or other strange additives, created by Doux-Matok:


The Daily Mail has more details about the Israeli Doux-Matok invention:

Israeli food technology firm DouxMatok has discovered how to get all of the sugar in confectionery products to land on the taste buds.

Sugar molecules must land on taste buds in the mouth – most of which are found on the tongue – for people to enjoy the sweetness.

However, only a fifth of sugar used to make cakes, biscuits and chocolate hits the receptors. The rest bypasses them and lands straight in the stomach.

Doux-Matok, sugar-free products

Food experts have for years tried to cut down on sugar content to tackle the obesity crisis – but have failed in their quest so far.

But researchers at DouxMatok have found a way to get sugar to land on taste buds – without scuppering the sweet sensation.

It mimics the process used in the pharmaceutical industry, where drugs are coated in molecules to ensure the correct dosage hits the right body parts.

The tech start-up added microscopic particles from tasteless minerals, such as silica, and coated them with sugar molecules.

DouxMatok claims this helps sugar molecules land on the taste buds and make them linger there for longer, The Times reports.

Tests conducted by professional panels confirmed that the taste of foods using its new form of sugar are not affected.

Südzucker, Europe’s biggest sugar producer, has now signed a deal with the Tel Aviv- based firm to make adjustments to its sugar production.

Kol hakavod to those clever scientists at Doux-Matok! And I note (according to the video) they are located in Petach Tikva – an added (sugar-free) bonus. 🙂

With all these inventions and developments it is therefore no surprise to see how well Israel’s economy is faring:


On a different note, here are some good news from Israel’s cultural scene:

Israeli rock guitarist Barry Sakharov performed at Har Hevron this week, undeterred by the left. Many people outside of Israel do not know that BDS emanates not only from abroad, but has Israeli activists agitating against Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. This is why it is such good news that Sakharov went against the grain to perform in Hevron, one of BDS’s favourite targets. From the link (via Reality):

Israeli rock guitarist, songwriter and singer Berry Sakharof, one of Israel’s most popular musicians, performed on Thursday evening at the Har Hevron Regional Council. The concert was attended by hundreds of local residents.

Barry Sakharov performs at Har Hevron this week

The show took place despite protests by extreme leftist organizations demanding that Sakharof refuse to hold concerts beyond the Green Line.

Kol hakavod to Barry Sakharov. May you rock on for the enjoyment of all of us until 120!

And one final item (via Suzanne): The head screenwriter of Israel’s mega-successful TV thriller Fauda, which has been exported to TV stations overseas, will be teaching  at the prestigious Rutgers University this semester:

The Israeli screenwriter who serves as head writer for the hit series “Fauda” will teach at Rutgers University for the Fall semester.

The cast of the Israeli TV show Fauda

Moshe Zonder will teach “Screenwriting for Television” in the Creative Writing Program, as part of the Schusterman Visiting Israeli Artists Program. He also will participate in outreach activities of the Allen and Joan Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life, including the Rutgers Jewish Film Festival.

“Fauda,” the Israeli drama in Hebrew and Arabic, focuses on a commando unit of the Israeli Defense Forces whose members embed themselves in the Palestinian community, gathering intelligence and preventing terror attacks. Netflix has aired its first two seasons with English subtitles.

A huge kol hakavod to Moshe Zonder on his achievement. He has written a brilliant script that has appealed to world-wide audiences. He well deserves this recognition.

And on a final (musical) note, the “social” singing group Koolulam has won the Asia Game Changer Award for 2018! And they are going to be expanding their projects to include countries outside Israel too. Here is their Facebook post, transcript beneath:

We are OVERJOYED to announce that Koolulam has received the prestigious Asia Game Changer Award for 2018, granted by the Asia Society to honor leaders who are making a positive contribution to the future of Asia. We are humbled and thankful to you all, for coming and joining us – this award too, belongs to all of us!

While we’re at it, this is a wonderful opportunity to announce that Koolulam is going INTERNATIONAL!
That’s right! Starting this October, we will be going on an international tour beginning in South Africa and continuing to the U.S…
… Want to have us at your hometown? Tell us!
Which city should Koolulam come to?

I can’t think of a more deserving group to win this great prize. Kol hakavod to Koolulam for their original idea, and for the wonderful spirit they create around their musical initiatives. May we all continue to sing together happily for many more years to come.

And on this happy musical note, I wish you all Shabbat Shalom.

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