[Updated] One thing leads to another: The UN refuses to condemn Hamas; pregnant Israeli woman shot by terrorists

There was no Chanukah miracle for Israel last week at the UN. Unbelievably (actually, considering this  the UN it is completely believable) the UNGA failed to pass a resolution condemning Hamas. The vote would have passed but at the last minute another resolution was passed demanding a 2/3 majority in order to pass the hamas condemnation, and it was that resolution which put the kibosh on passing the condemnation. Without that demand for a 2/3 majority, Hamas would have been roundly condemned by all civilized countries for their terrorism, targeting of civilians and war crimes.

Isn’t it funny, the UN has never require a 2/3 majority when condemning Israel. Interesting how that works.

Here is a chart of who voted to uphold the demand for a 2/3 majority. Look and learn who are our friends. Click to enlarge:

Nations who agreed to the need for a 2/3 majority in order to condemn Hamas

And here is the second chart showing who actually voted to condemn Hamas. It is clear that without the demand for a 2/3 majority, Hamas would have – finally! – been condemned.

Nations who condemned Hamas’ terrorist activity

Israellycool provides a video of US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s brilliant speech – her last speech as US Ambassador to the UN – where she condemns those who refused to condemn Hamas. It is an outstanding speech, and so apposite for her last speech in her position as ambassador:

I agree 100% with Aussie Dave’s opinion of the UN – and that he is davka glad that that useless institution cannot pass the simplest vote if it in any way supports Israel:

Having said that, I am actually glad the resolution condemning Hamas did not pass. It shines an even brighter light on not just how ineffectual the UN has become but how evil it has become.

The UNGA could not pass a resolution demanding that “Hamas and other militant actors including Palestinian Islamic Jihad” cease terrorism against Israelis. It could not pass a resolution condemning Hamas’s use of resources in Gaza for terror tunnels and rocket launching equipment “when such resources could be used to address the critical needs of the civilian population.”

No longer can countries claim they condemn Israel because they are somehow upholding international law. Or because they care about human rights or justice.

Sussex Friends of Israel brings us the video of the shameful speech by the British Ambassador to the UN as she explained the reasons for Britain’s agreement to the demand for a 2/3 majority to pass the resolution. And then they abstained on the actual condemnation!  As the Sussex Friends so aptly (and cheekily) assert:

Tonight I ashamed to be a Brit! Just once you would hope that the British would stand up and call out the anti-Israel bias at the UN but sadly and as usual they sit firmly on the fence and just gather splinters in their tuchases. Shameful!


Three days after this shameful vote, on the last night of Chanukah, again a Chanukah miracle failed to appear.  Palestinian terrorists, no doubt encouraged by the lack of international interest in its malign endeavours, opened fire on a group of Israelis standing by a bus-stop outside Ofra.The terrorists were in a car and slowed down as they saw the group of Israelis, opening fire and very seriously injuring a young pregnant woman, injuring also her husband and several other bystanders. There are some witnesses who say the pregnant woman was deliberately targeted, and I would not be surprised if this were true.

The young woman, Shira Ish-Ran is in very serious condition but has made an improvement overnight thank G-d.

Shaare Zedek Medical Center trauma unit senior surgeon Dr. Alon Schwartz reported today on the condition of Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran, who were seriously injured in yesterday’s Ofra junction attack.

Shira Ish-Ran and her husband Amichai, injured in the shooting attack near Ofra

“She’s still in intensive care under sedation and assisted breathing; her condition’s stable and we’re pleased with the improvement in her condition,” says Dr. Schwartz.

“The father Amichai is still hospitalized mainly for reducing pain; no surgery required on our part,” noted the senior surgeon.

Regarding the condition of the baby, Dr. Schwartz said “the baby is unfortunately still in a difficult situation and there’s no change in his condition.”

Meirav Sharvit, 17, who was also injured in the attack, is expected to be released in coming days. The hospital said her condition was improving.

Shira’s baby her baby, which was delivered by C-section immediately upon her arrival at the hospital, is struggling, as he was born at 30 weeks and is suffering from the effects of the shooting and his mother losing a lot of blood.

Please pray for refuah shlema for Shira Yael bat Leora Sarah and for Tinok ben Shira Yael.

UPDATE: We received the heart-breaking news this evening that Shira and Amichai’s baby has died. He was given the name Amiad Yisrael – meaning “My people Israel forever” – before he was buried. Hundreds accompanied this tiny baby – born and died two months before he should ever have emerged into this world – on his final journey to his resting place on Har Hazeitim (the Mt. of Olives).

May his memory be for a blessing and may his parents find comfort in the unity that Am Yisrael found while praying for the baby’s recovery.

In case you were wondering, Ofra is a “settlement”, i.e. an Israeli community in the Israeli heartland of Judea and Samaria. I am usually reluctant to use the term “settlement” because it has become such a loaded, negative term,  but it is a very useful indicator of both the geographic location of the community and also of anyone reacting to it. If your reaction is outrage at the shooting, thank you for your support, and please share your outrage with your government, the media and the UN. If your reaction is “yes, but they are settlers” then I ask you to leave this blog forthwith and never comment here again.

Of course the terrorists didn’t set out to shoot the Israelis at Ofra because of the UN vote, but it certainly gives a tail-wind to their nefarious designs. They know that they can literally get away with murder and no one will condemn them while the slightest Israel defensive action gets attacked and condemned from all directions and without any proportion.

More likely it is positions like Germany’s and other countries which still send funds to the Palestinians which are then used by the PA as “pay for slay” – to pay terrorists who murder Israelis a stipend for them and their families for life. We saw this outrageous deed exactly this week, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party rejected freezing funds for Palestinian terrorism!

Members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party voted against a motion on Saturday in Hamburg to stop public funds for the Palestinian Authority’s payments to terrorists and financial aid to the families of terrorists who have murdered and injured Israelis.

According to the motion titled “Freeze aid to the Palestinian Authority,” the “Palestinian Authority [PA] has for years already paid the families of Palestinian terrorists… and with the payments, the PA knowingly and willingly supports terror against Israel and makes this a worthy financial business.”

I quote the Sussex Friends of Israel:

You can’t make it up!…

On the very night that another terrorist becomes eligible for the PAs ‘pay to slay’ payments by attempting to murder a pregnant woman and 6 others, Germany announce that they will CONTINUE to help finance it!

“Members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party voted against a motion on Saturday in Hamburg to stop public funds for the Palestinian Authority’s payments to terrorists and financial aid to the families of terrorists who have murdered and injured Israelis.”

Paying terrorists to kill Israelis will encourage more terrorists to kill Israelis. Failing to condemn terrorism at the UN will encourage more terrorism.  Supporting terrorists leads to more terrorism. It really is as simple as that.

But as long as Jews and/or Israelis are the target nothing will change.

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