Shabbat Shalom

Once again I’ve run out of time before Shabbat. One of these days I will write another Good News Friday post but for now, I wish everyone a quiet, peaceful, safe and healthy Shabbat.

It is also Rosh Chodesh today, the first of Adar II, the month in which we increase our joy in honour of the upcoming festival of Purim. In that spirit I wish you all Chodesh tov too! May this be a month of good health, happiness, and blessings.

שבת שלום וחודש טוב!

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3 Responses to Shabbat Shalom

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  2. Reality says:

    Chodesh Tov and we should only hear good news!
    This month Adar has the letters meaning:
    אדר=א:אני,ד:ה ‘ר:רופאך
    Meaning G-d is saying that He is the Ine who heals us.So wishing a Refuah Shlema,A speedy recovery for all those who need it.They need a Purim miracle of” Ve nahafochu.”Where all bad expectations are turned around for the good.
    Shavua tov

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