Purim Same’ach! Happy Purim

Happy Purim!

Let’s put aside all the very sad and depressing news that has been in the news this past week. Purim is here and it’s time to celebrate!

The festival began at sundown this evening  when we went to shul and heard the Megillah (Book of Esther) being read, with the ra’ashanim (greggers) of various sorts – from toy gun caps to bells, whistles, rattling keys, even phone ringtones! – drowning out evil Haman’s name every time it was mentioned; and there was lots of laughter at some of the funny costumes and hats that people turned up in (including yours truly in a very unbecoming blonde wig. :-) ).

Our Mishloach Manot parcels are all wrapped and ready to be delivered tomorrow, and then we’ll be off to our Seudah at our our son’s house together with all our children and grandchildren. Quiet it won’t be…  📢 🙉♫ ♪

For your Purim entertainment here are a few funny videos and pictures.

You can always rely on Dry Bones for a witty and pertinent cartoon. This year he reposted an old, but sadly always relevant, cartoon while sick with pneumonia. We wish Yaakov ben Molli a refuah shlema and Happy Purim:

How about this for a very strange sight in shul?!

But really, the Purim message that takes the cake is this “message from the White House“. 🤣 (hat-tip: Jeff P):

Wishing everyone who is celebrating Purim Same’ach! Happy Purim!

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    Purim Sameach!

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    Purim Sameach!!!

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