Good News Friday

We moved the clocks forward last night so I have an extra hour to play with before Shabbat, yet I still seem to run out of time! But here’s a quick Good News Friday:

Two extremely moving events took place this week, both involving victims of terror.

In this first story, an Israeli woman who was severely injured in a terror attack on the eve of Purim at Dizengoff Center in 1996  [the article has the wrong year – Ed.] (the day before our son’s barmitzvah as it happens), has given birth to a baby boy exactly 23 years later:

Dana was 15 years old when she was heavily injured during a terrorist attack at Dizengoff Center on Ta’anit Ester, 1995. She went to celebrate Purim, but came out in an ambulance headed for Ichilov Hospital. She went through rigorous hospitalization and treatments before gradually being released.

Now at age 37, on the same day that she almost lost her life, Dana has instead brought one into the world at the very same hospital to which she was carted away all those years ago.

“When I was wounded, I did not know what life was awaiting me,” Dana said. “I went through a long rehabilitation and today, I know that this is it, I won.”

“I am in an insane euphoria from the wonderful gift I received: to bring life the day I almost lost mine,” she continued. “I hope that my story will bring hope to those who were also injured, so that they may remember that life goes on and we can go back and have full, good lives. I wish all of the people of Israel a happy Purim from over here in the maternity ward of Ichilov.”

What a beautiful story! A perfect venahafoch hu for Dana, turning her near-tragedy into joy. Kol hakavod to Dana on her strength, courage and resilience. She is an inspiration to all of us. We wish Dana and her family heartiest mazal tov!

A story on a similar theme occurred this week, when the family of a woman who was saved by Rabbi Achiad Ettinger Hy’d at the scene of the terror attack in which he was killed named their new baby in the Rabbi’s memory:

Rabbi Achiad Ettinger died a hero — the family of a woman he helped save is keeping the rabbi’s name alive.

The newborn grandson of the woman was named for Ettinger, who died of injuries suffered in a West Bank shooting by a 19-year-old Palestinian. Ettinger, a father of 12, still managed to fire four bullets at the attacker, and the shots diverted the gunman’s attention from the woman, The Yeshiva World News reported.

A video posted on YouTube shows Tuesday’s bris ceremony for the baby in the West Bank settlement of Itamar. A son of Ettinger served as the sandek, the person who holds the 8-day-old boy, and was given the honor of reciting the blessing to name the child. He is seen choking back tears as he confers the name Achiad on the baby.

Watch the incredibly moving video here:

Kol hakavod to the family of the new baby, who showed hakarot hatov (gratitude) towards the martyred Rabbi Ettinger and chose to continue his name. Mazal tov to the baby’s family, may the baby grow up inspired by the values and courage shown by Rabbi Ettinger. And may the family of Rabbi Ettinger find comfort in the continuation of his name and memory in such a beautiful way.

May the upcoming month of Nissan, the month of redemption according to Jewish tradition, be a month of miracles, of healing and of geula shlema (true redemption).

Shabbat Shalom and chodesh tov everyone.

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  2. Reality says:

    What amazing stories.How wonderful for Dana.May she bring up her child in joy ,and safety.I am crying at the 2nd story..How tragic for the Ettinger family,but what a wonderful way to remember Rav Ettinger.
    May we only know good news

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