BBC Panorama documentary – is Labour antisemitic?

Anyone who has been following the Labour antisemitism scandal – which will include readers of this blog – will be able to provide the spoiler to my headline. The answer is simply a resounding “Yes”.

What resonated with me was that even though I’ve been blogging about Labour antisemitism for years, hearing and watching those stories one after the other is mind blowing. I feel sorriest for the non-Jews who suffered as much as the Jews but have less support. They don’t have a Board of Deputies or CST to complain to.

Watch BBC Watch’s video of the entire program below.

It is absolutely shocking that this is the state of the Labour Party today, that one of the major political parties in Britain is so institutionally antisemitic that even the traditionally leftist and anti-Israel BBC saw fit to produce such a damning documentary.

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  2. cba says:

    This was even more shocking than I expected. Thanks for posting it.

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