Very Good News Friday – The Tories win the UK General Election by a landslide

Today’s Good News Friday post will more or less write itself with the glorious news that Labour was thoroughly trounced by the Conservatives in the British General Election yesterday.  Boris Johnson led the Conservatives to their best result since Margaret Thatcher, while Labour under Jeremy Corbyn suffered their greatest defeat since World War II.

Boris Johnson returns to No. 10 Downing Street after his landslide victory December 12th 2019

Beyond the antisemitism issue, it was the Brexit which pulled the nation to the Tories:

Labour’s so-called “red wall”, a cluster of constituencies that ran across the country and which forever seemed in the party’s control, was crumbling as voters deserted a party that could not settle on a clear policy on the biggest issue facing the country.

It was a combination of Corbyn’s Marxist policies, his antisemitism and his general ineptness which led to his defeat. As a very wise relative (DPT) said: “On Brexit people wanted clarity. Not ambivalence or another referendum.
On economics they are not interested in Marxist policies. That ended with Thatcher and was never reversed e.g. under Blair.
And on party politics they rejected the nasty party including its antisemitism.”

Watch former Labour politician Alan Johnson condemn “the little cult”:

But for the British Jewish Community in particular the Tories’ win is excellent news, a huge relief as they feel a direct threat has been removed from them.  Rachel Riley, TV show presenter and Jewish activist and campaigner against Labour antisemitism, expressed her relief at the outcome:

As the exit poll results came in, Riley tweeted simply: “Love you Britain”.

She then tweeted to say “inevitable abuse” had flooded in.

She went on: “It’s nothing compared to the relief of a minority community who’ve been living in fear of what might be. I won’t apologise for that relief.”

Ex-EastEnders actress Tracy-Ann Oberman also tweeted her happiness shortly after the exit poll came out, writing: “Thank you Great Britain. I’m crying my eyes out.”

A former Labour supporter, Oberman wrote that both she and Riley had suffered two years of “abuse beyond imagining” from an “online hate army”.

Michael Gove

After the results came in, Michael Gove, Conservative MP and former candidate for PM, addressed the Jewish community, saying they should never have to live in fear again:

Stood at a lectern marked “the people’s government,” he issued a personal message to Anglo-Jewry, describing the community as “a very special group of people, our Jewish friends and neighbours.”

“You have had to live in fear for months now concerns we will have a prime minister who trafficked in anti-Jewish rhetoric and embraced anti-Jewish terrorists. You should never have to live in fear again,” he said, prompting a round of applause from supporters.

In even better news, one of the antisemites-in-chief, Chris Williamson, lost his seat with a mere 635 votes in his constituency:

The final result came in Derby North where Williamson was defeated by the Conservatives’ Amanda Solloway, who gained the seat with 21,259 votes.

Williamson stood as an independent after Labour chose not to endorse him for the seat, selecting instead Tony Tinley, who secured 18,719 votes.

The former Labour MP and shadow minister was suspended in February after footage emerged of him telling activists the party had been “too apologetic” in its handling of antisemitism allegations. 

And best news of all, Jeremy Corbyn announced he will not lead Labour into the next elections.  I should think not! I’m surprised he hasn’t been chased out of his office already!

Well done Britain! Thank you for ousting that nasty little man and his horrible Momentum cult that tried to bring the most extreme Marxism together with a virulent antisemitism into British society.

We wish Boris Johnson Mazal Tov on his fantastic victory. May he lead Britain successfully into Brexit and whichever other policies the nation needs.

May we all enjoy a peaceful quiet Shabbat Shalom.

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8 Responses to Very Good News Friday – The Tories win the UK General Election by a landslide

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  2. Earl says:

    One only hopes that the party of the West-hating, Jew-hating Trot Corbyn spends a decade tearing itself to pieces, as Corbynism devours its own. I’d prefer that Corbyn be kept at the helm for as long as possible.

    A great result for British Jewry. And, more generally, the UK itself. I recommend reading Piers Morgan this AM (annoying as he often can be) for a succinct encapsulation of vox populi.

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  4. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Okay, a bit of perspective from an anti-Corbyn lefty (who is far to the right of him): the polls throughout the campaign showed that the best that could be hoped for for Labour was a hung parliament, with Labour as the 2nd largest party. The last polls before election day showed it too close to call. To be honest, as a Remainer, re the European Union, this is what I hoped for. And I still don’t understand why Corbyn agreed to an election (it needs a 2/3 majority in the House of Commons to have an election in les than 5 years), when he hadn’t got any of the concessions he wanted from Johnson re the Brexit agreement. Perhaps it’s because he is the below average, knee-jerk, far lefty he is portrayed as.

    That said, he wasn’t the leader of the Labour Party I wanted and he is everything that is being said about him both in the regular media and in the online centrist/centre right online commentary. He will go as soon as they can get the super-glue off his shoes and hurl him out of the door: even his supporters in the trade union block-vote brigade won’t save him: they want a Labour Government to pass legislation protecting workers’ rights, health and safety, etc: they don’t, actually, have much love for the far left: the far left are more interested in posturing and mounting barricades that making things better for the workers.

    Although this is the worst result for Labour since 1935 (when they had fewer than seats than now), that was a recovery from a REAL disaster in 1931, when they had been reduced to 55 MPs. And there was a Labour landslide in 1945. Providing Corbyn goes soon and the next leader is a moderate, they can make a come- back as soon as 2024.

    Pity that the Equality and Human Rights Commission won’t report before about May 2020: that coming out may hasten Jeremy’s departure.

    And I am pleased that my local Labour MP was returned (with a reduced majority: down from 30,000 to a mere 19,000), because she is a moderate and a Remainer and a friend of the Jewish community.

    But it isn’t just Labour (or certain too influential parts of it) that are the problem: the appalling Lady Jenny Tonge – who used to be member of the Liberal Democrat Party before they expelled her because of her antisemitism – was ranting on this weekend on social media about Jews celebrating this result (see here: . Pity she can’t be expelled from the House of Lords, apparently.
    Without too much hassle, you can find a similar post from the odious Ken Livingstone.

    How did we ever think that either of them were actually functioning human beings?

    It is possible that, in conclusion, that what scuppered the Labour Party in the Midlands and the North was Labour’s failure to make up its mind about Brexit in Leaving areas.

    We won’t know until the smoke clears and there is new leader of the Labour Party: if he or she is a moderate, watch for the result for the first by-election in a marginal constituency.

    • Earl says:

      Interesting take. Here in Canada, by-elections serve generally as a chance for the electors to blow off some steam at the government between GEs.

      My read, and to your analysis, is that the “working man on the Clapham omnibus” saw an urban elite, headed by a nutter Trot (redundant, shurely?-ed.) and his politburo, speaking economic insanity and ignoring/prevaricating on Brexit.

      What of Scotland? If I were now UKPM, I’d be inclined to take a very close look at the Barnett Formula. That is utter madness- think, Quebec in kilts, a bunch of parasites controlling a G7 state.

  5. anneinpt says:

    Thank you Earl and Brian for your interesting comments. It’s going to be interesting times ahead (I hope not in the Chinese curse kind of way) for the Labour party.

  6. Earl says:

    A picture being worth a thousand words, and all that:

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