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It has been brought to my attention that some readers are having difficulty leaving a comment, whether it is finding the comment box or the comment link. This is a problem with the wordpress theme I have chosen and I don’t know if it will improve with any other theme. I might give that a try in the future.

For the moment, provided below are a few ways on how to comment:

Click on a post title. This will open up the whole post, and at the bottom you will see “Leave a reply” above the comment box. If comments have been posted already, scroll down to beneath the last comment where you will see the comment box.

Click on the comment link at the bottom of a post from within the main (home) page of the blog:  If you are on the main (home) page of the blog, scroll down to the bottom of the post on which you want to comment. There you will see the list of categories and tags of the post, followed by either “Leave a comment” (if there are no comments yet) or a number of comments, e.g. “2 comments”. Click on “leave a comment” or the “2 comments” and this will open up the comment box as above.

Click on a comment in the sidebar on the right. Click on a comment belonging to the post you wish to comment on.  This will only work if one of the 10 comments showing in the sidebar belong to one of the posts you are interested in. If the post you are looking for has no comments, or the last comments on it were more than 10 comments ago, no relevant comment will appear in the sidebar.

To read the comments: follow any of the steps above.

Happy commenting!

14 Responses to How to comment

  1. u knowwho says:

    excellent eplanation Ima,
    hope it will help everybody..

    though the main problem (at least for me) was to *read* the other comments, not posting a new comment.

    never mind..

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks uknowwho (I know who you are! 🙂 ). Reading the other comments works in the same way as leaving a comment. Or one can click on the comments in the sidebar on the right. I think I’ll add that in the instructions above.

  2. reality says:

    I just tried to leave a comment on your latest blog but there was no “comment” box at the bottom of the blog -could be I’m too thick to understand what to do so I’ll comment following on to someone elses comment

    • anneinpt says:

      You’re not too thick! This is why I wrote these instructions – because it’s not entirely clear on the blog. Just open whichever article you want to comment on: either click on the title or click on “leave a comment” or on the number of comments (e.g. “2 comments”) and that will take you to the article itself. Way down at the bottom you will find the comment box.

  3. Hunter says:

    good blog!

  4. Meir Weiss says:

    g’mar chatima metzuyan, great blogging , be well 🙂

  5. bill says:


  6. sseitw says:

    When I try to open your homepage and/or associated entries, the site redirects to

    Anne’s Opinions briefly displays, then the above url opens up

    • anneinpt says:

      I’m sorry this has happened but I don’t know why that should be. Maybe a problem with your computer or browser? No one else has mentioned this problem. Maybe try clearing your cache or cookies and try again.

  7. sseitw says:

    Okay this is still happening –

    I manually entered ”

    It quickly redirected to the paris url, opening that paris jpg

    • anneinpt says:

      Now that you’re on the how to comment page just click “home ” in the top menu and you should get to my main page. It must be something in your cookies.

  8. sseitw says:

    I posted using google’s cache of the comment page

    The home page and every link opens the paris url, it’s not a cookie issue: the site’s php location header is forcing the url to redirect (quirks mode)

    • anneinpt says:

      I’ve checked with other readers and I also checked myself by opening my blog on a computer where I’m not logged in to my blog or my wordpress account, and none of us are seeing a problem. This has to be a problem at your end. The only thing I can do – and I did – is I changed the URL of the Paris picture. Maybe that will help.

      It’s also odd that none of this exchange is showing in the comments down the right-hand sidebar.

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