In memory of Jane ז”ל

Jane & SoofeeThis page is going to be a permanent fixture and I might add further posts later on in memory of Jane Freedman ע”ה. Jane was niftar after a very long battle with cancer on י’ אדר א’ תשע”ד, the 10th  of February 2014. She was buried in Segula Cemetery in Petach Tikva the following morning.  The post below was written on the night after  Jane’s levaya. You can read the beautiful comments of my readers below the original post.

My best friend Jane ז”ל passed away last night. I can honestly say it was an honour and a privilege to be with her almost until her final moments, and yet it was the most traumatic thing I have ever faced in my (admittedly sheltered) life. Today her funeral took place, attended by her family and by hundreds of friends.

I didn’t know I had so many tears in my eyes, and the yet store does not run dry. I thought about writing about Jane but I cannot find the words at the moment.

One of the remarks made by our Rabbi in his eulogy at the funeral was that the verse in the Eshet Chayil (“A Woman of Valour”) song, from משלי ל”א (Proverbs 31:25) sung by husbands to their wives on Friday night, could have been written with Jane in mind.

עז והדר לבושה ותשחק ליום אחרון

She is clothed in strength and glory, and she smiles until the last day.

Indeed Jane was smiling and loving until her last minutes, inquiring of her many visitors how their families are, sending her love to friends’ children and families, almost literally laughing and smiling until the last day. She never complained about her lot despite all the hardships that she suffered, always had a willing ear and a caring hand for those in difficulty, and yet took great delight in other people’s celebrations, never begrudging their happiness.

The entire poem of Eshet Chayil could have been written for Jane, but those words quoted above stand out.

Here is a song whose simple and beautiful words were written by Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel and the inspiration for the religious Zionist movement.

כשהנשמה מאירה – גם שמים עוטי ערפל מפיקים אור נעים.”

When the soul lights the way – even the heavens enveloped in mist give forth a pleasant light.

May the pure soul of Jane z”l light up the heavens so that they shine upon the whole world.

We will all miss Jane’s creativity, her spirit of volunteerism and selflessness, her faith in Hashem and her marvellous sense of humour.

I am simply going to miss my “older sister”, my best friend.

יהי זכרה ברוך. ברוך דיין אמת

3 Responses to In memory of Jane ז”ל

  1. Anne Diamond says:

    Yes I do understand, I have lost a friend a good and selfless person and her husband who taught me to seek Hashem when my parents passed on. Who I could talk to and too give me a wise and honest answers. I still think how would Wendy or what would she think about this and that.
    Your love for a friend never ends, and it is hard to find another friend who will give you an answer.

    In times like this I would pray to Hashem to help you through I did feel that when my parents passed too soon that the guidence that they gave me made me feel what I know, I was not ready to see them go. However, you cannot dismiss Hashem just be anngry not loose faith but question. You don’t find answers. You just realise that you they are the same questions that your children might feel,try to give those answers before you go.
    Idid find I lost a lot of faith in Hashem
    I had to be convinced my self that Hashen does have a lot more than just a thought, I never gave up on Judasim for the sake of my chidren. I had to be convinced that he ruled our lives for better or worse.

    Today I have seen my son go to the Chuba, and a grandson how has the love and I hope a future with a believe that he will be a good and loving person as my children including my daughter in law who I consider my child.
    And yes my faith has come back stronger and my love of Hashem is stronger, I think it is also giving and forgiving is something which is important and would give less conflict in the world today.

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