My own memories of Jane z”l

During the first year of avelut, Chaim asked all of us to write down our memories of Jane z”l, how we met, what we enjoyed doing together, where and how we met, etc.

At first I felt overwhelmed at the task. I couldn’t formulate my thoughts or collect them into any kind of coherent story. But eventually I just sat down and let my thoughts stream through to my fingers and from there to the keyboard.

Following is my contribution to the life story that Chaim is creating to keep Jane’s memory alive. Below the story you can see a couple photos of Jane z”l that I took over the years – always smiling and laughing.


Jane z”l on the right, me on the left, at her 60th birthday party

"Walking the plank" at the building site of Zvi's house

“Walking the plank” at the building site of Zvi’s house