Shiur in memory of Jane z”l on 18th March 2014

Jane at partyOn 18th March 2014 the second in the series of memorial shiurim was held at the home of Miriam Crosbie. The shiur was given by Rabbanit Rachel Lifschutz (whose husband is the Rav of Mekor Chaim shul) and was on the subject of על שלושה דברים העולם עומד – the world stands on 3 things: Torah, Avoda (service to Hashem) and Gemilut Hassadim (loving-kindness).

The Rabbanit first gave us the background to the Rabbanim who lived in Mishnaic times, and then went on to explain the different meanings of those 3 pillars on which the world stands. Some Rabbanim took the words literally, and some considered the 3  pillars to be Torah, justice and peace. In the end, all these terms have a similar outcome, and none can be accomplished without Torah learning.

Rachel reminded us of the obvious connection to Jane ע”ה: how tefilla was so important to her, and what enjoyment she derived from davening and from going to shul and hearing the tefilot.  Jane was also very learned and relished going to shiurim to enhance her Torah knowledge.

And of course, the ultimate in Jane’s character – she was the epitome of loving-kindness towards everyone – to friends, family and even to strangers. We all have stories to tell of how Jane would help us out with medical cases, and what genuine interest she showed to each of us and our families; and how she celebrated our simchas with real joy and consoled us in times of trouble.

I recorded the shiur on my phone, first on video, and then realizing that there was not enough memory, I switched to sound recording only. Below are the first 2 video clips, and then the rest of the shiur on Soundcloud. As before, click on the white arrow in the blue circle to listen.  The shiur is in Hebrew only. If anyone would like to translate, I will post the translation here. I apologize for the video and sound quality.

Part I of the shiur:

Part II of the shiur:

Part III (sound only):

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