Hespedim at the Levaya of Edith Klausner o”h

Here are videos of the hespedim at the levaya of my mother-in-law Edith Klausner o”h, which took place on Thursday 23rd January 2020, 26th Tevet 5780, in Segula, Petach Tikva. I apologize for the sound and visual quality, they were recorded on my mobile phone.

Here is the hesped by Henry:

Rav Moshe Lifschutz is the Rav of Mekor Chaim shul:

Rav Nechemia Taylor was the former Rav of Mekor Chaim shul, and is also a personal friend of the family:

Yael Harow is Edith’s granddaughter, the daughter of Evelyn and Shalom Lerner:

This last hesped was written by our daughter Hadassah Roth, and read out and added to by our son Zvi Klausner:

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