First Yahrzeit for my mother Judy Prager z’l

This year of 5782 being a leap year, the men stopped saying kaddish after 11 months which was back on 25th Nissan, shortly after Pesach.

On the 12-month anniversary, which came out on 25th Iyar, the family went up to the gravesite to say Tehillim and Kaddish.

And then on the real yahrzeit of 25th Sivan, we held an erev limud, an evening memorial study evening. This took place on Thursday 23rd June.  The next day, Friday 24th June, 25th Sivan, we once again went up to the kever. This time there were many more people, including cousins and friends of my mother.

About 15 of us attended the erev limud in person at Dad’s house, and everyone else (around 30 people) watched and spoke on Zoom since we were cautious about corona.

Below is a recording of the Erev Limud.

The moderator is our son Dovi, you can see first a family having supper, that’s our son Zvi in Peduel. And then our daughter Hadassah with one of her daughters in Karnei Shomron. Her 16 yr old daughter Ayala also gave a siyum, on mishnayot.  Reeva’s son Chanan gave the main siyum.  Mum’s sisters Eva in London and Miriam in Toronto were also online. I am in the first frames with a flowery top, Henry was next to me. I was sitting next to Mum’s sister Ruth as well. Dad is in the background by the table. David and Mark said Kaddish, and then Reeva’s husband Eli said the tefilla. He is standing next to Reeva (also in a flowery top). Then my granddaughter Ayala gave her siyum. Henry sang Kel maleh rachamim. Then my auntie Eva spoke. Then Reeva, and then Auntie Miriam. I found it very emotional when my aunts spoke.  My Mum z”l had been ill for such a long time that I’d forgotten all those special moments and characteristics of Mum.

Auntie Ruth was next, and then Mum’s friend Judy Beider in London. Then my Dad (you can see the carer in the background).  Reeva’s daughter Ariella was next.  After some back and forth David’s daughter Keren spoke, holding her baby Nadav Yehuda (named for Mum – Yehudit – and her father Leo (Yehuda) whose yahrzeit was on the day of the bris).  Then David spoke (his wife Rina is sitting next to him), his 2nd daughter Ayelet popped up for a minute as well.

Our thanks to Zvi for providing the Zoom link, and to Dovi for moderating and managing the session.

May we only meet in smachot from now on!