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BDS-Fail News

We need some good news for midweek too, not just for Fridays, especially after the very difficult last few days. With the anger at John Kerry for threatening Israel with a boycott if we do not capitulate to his “peace” … Continue reading

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Confronting the ASA boycott of Israel

In my post about how boycotters justify their antisemitism one of the boycotts mentioned was that of the American Studies Association (ASA).  The proposed boycott was finally ratified yesterday. even though the number of members who voted yes form a … Continue reading

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How boycotters justify their antisemitism

Several recent instances of anti-Israel boycotts highlight both the distortions of logic and reason, and the abuse of universal values like human rights and free speech in order to justify the antisemitism lurking behind their anti-Israel boycotts. For example we … Continue reading

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The silencing of Israeli voices on British campuses

Whilst anti-Israel activism on British campuses is well known for its severity and hostility, two incidents in recent days seem to have raised the bar to a whole new level. The most widely talked about incident took place at Oxford … Continue reading

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BDS Brigade devour their own

Professor Dan Avnon, an Israeli professor of civics, and the head of the “Center for Peace and Reconciliation” (From the Hebrew NRG article: המרכז לשלום ויישוב סכסוכים – h/t: Ido) has been boycotted by Sydney University’s Centre for Peace and … Continue reading

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Ariel “University Center” is now a full-fledged university

Despite the wishes of several leftist politicians and academics to the contrary, the transition of Ariel University Center to Israel’s eighth university has been approved. The Council for Higher Education in Judea and Samaria took an historic decision Tuesday evening, … Continue reading

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