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The Jews and Israelis who back BDS

There once was a time when you might have thought there is a typo in the headline, but nowadays we all know the sad truth. Astonishingly, there are Jews both in the Diaspora and within Israel who promote, encourage or … Continue reading

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The strange case of Stephen Hawking and the academic boycott of Israel that wasn’t. Or was it?

A few weeks ago I wrote in a Good News Friday post how honoured we were to have renowned British physicist Professor Stephen Hawking come to visit Israel. So you can imagine our disappointment and our anger at learning that … Continue reading

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Latest anti-Israel BDS antics

None of the actions mentioned in this post will be much of a surprise to those of you who follow the antics of the BDS anti-Israel brigade,   but I thought it worth listing some of the most recent events … Continue reading

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More Antisemitism from Britain

In my previous post I questioned whether David Cameron’s resignation was a sign of more bad things to come or was it genuinely a case of lack of time. My instinct suggests the first option, and now there is more … Continue reading

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Israeli leftists urge Israel’s suicide. Again

Israeli fifth-column leftists continue in their dangerous and delusional behaviour, their every move urging Israel on to potential suicide G-d forbid. Their latest shenanigan is a letter that they have written, addressed to I’m not sure whom, in which they … Continue reading

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The British and their Arabs

Britain has a long loving history with the Arabs, mostly to the detriment of Israel. Of course, that is well within their rights. However, lately there have been several revelations which could, or should, embarrass Britain. The Guardian reveals that … Continue reading

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