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Palestinian child abuse – father forces his child into danger for the cameras

One of the most shocking videos that I have seen in a long time has been doing the rounds of the internet – and the internet is rife with shocking videos emanating from the Palestinians. In this instance, we have … Continue reading

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Pallywood in action: The making of a new al-Dura hoax

Another Israeli “atrocity” has hit the headlines again in recent days with a manufactured outcry which claims that the IDF killed 2 Palestinian “children” during a “Nakba Day” demonstration in Beitounya for no good reason at all besides murderous maliciousness. … Continue reading

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The Al-Durah hoax is the incident in which the Palestinians claimed that Mohammed al-Durah was killed – deliberately – by the IDF in 2000. I would recommend having a look at The Al Durah Project which has been following the … Continue reading

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A win and a loss in media bias cases

A great morale-boost was granted to Israel yesterday when a French court acquitted an Israeli doctor of slandering a Palestinian in the Mohammed al-Dura case. For those who do not remember, Mohammed al-Dura became one of the abiding icons of … Continue reading

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