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Antisemitism roundup from around the world

While we’ve been fighting Hamas border attacks in the south, terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria and uncovering Hezbollah tunnels in the north, good old-fashioned Jew-hatred is alive and kicking around the world. Here are a few of the more … Continue reading

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Israel, civil rights and the apartheid smear

I know I’ve written about this subject several times before, but the apartheid libel just doesn’t go away. If it looks like the smear campaign against Israel is failing, some bigot like Alice Walker will make darned sure it makes … Continue reading

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Alice Walker and the Flotilla of Fools

Upon reading author Alice Walker’s smug, self-serving and self-righteous justification of her participation in the Flotilla of Fools I was filled with both despair and bitter humour. Despair at the ignorant yet holier-than-thou attitude of all these “progressive” “liberal” participants … Continue reading

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