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Two great videos defending Israel in the media

Here are two videos, radically different from each other, but each with the same message. First is Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the US, who staunchly defends the IDF’s actions while castigating CNN for its biased and lacking coverage of … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Another week has rolled around so fast, and it’s time for my next Good News Friday installment. We start with one of my favourite subjects – archaeology.  An ancient jug from the First Temple period has been discovered. This might … Continue reading

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The mystery of the exploding safe and other unexplained weapons

What if a diplomat was blown to bits in the middle of Europe and no one reacted? Did he really die? This conundrum was posed last week when the Palestinian envoy to the Czech Republic was killed in an explosion … Continue reading

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Update on Benghazi embassy attack: US Ambassador and 3 others murdered

Further to my previous post about the violence at the Cairo and Benghazi US embassies, the shocking news is that the American Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered, along with three other embassy staff. The US ambassador to Libya is among … Continue reading

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Guardian Letters Page – just another outlet for attacking Israel

This post was cross-posted at CiFWatch. Yesterday’s letters page in the Guardian exposes yet another of the editors’ underhanded ways of slamming Israel and simultaneously being able to claim uninvolvement. The page contains four letters accusing Israel of everything from … Continue reading

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Why is America bashing Israel now?

Following on from the two insults hurled at Israel in recent days, by Leon Panetta and by the US Ambassador to Belgium, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton threw her own hat into the ring when she declared herself concerned about … Continue reading

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