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Guest Post: RIP Nelson Mandela

This is a guest post by frequent commenter and contributor Brian Goldfarb.  Just a few words of introduction: I feel very ambivalent about Nelson Mandela (see the rest of this post for an explanation) and didn’t know how to approach … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Another eventful week has flown by and once more it’s time for another Good News Friday installment. My first item comes courtesy of reader Brian Goldfarb: The Jewish school in Gondar, Ethiopia has closed, not because of anything bad, but … Continue reading

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Who are our “peace” partners?

The Middle East peace talks, or rather the talks about the Middle East peace talks, have now got under way in Washington, once more dangerously raising expectations on the Palestinian side for a complete Israeli capitulation. One can hardly blame … Continue reading

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Israel, civil rights and the apartheid smear

I know I’ve written about this subject several times before, but the apartheid libel just doesn’t go away. If it looks like the smear campaign against Israel is failing, some bigot like Alice Walker will make darned sure it makes … Continue reading

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The anti-Israel boycott rebounds upon itself

The New York Times today published a great article calling for an end to the Arab boycott of Israel. That in itself is excellent news. What is even more gratifying and certainly most surprising is that the article is written … Continue reading

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The segregated bus line that wasn’t

There has been a huge international outcry about the latest ostensible evil emanating from Israel – a segregated bus line for Palestinian use only.  The Israeli media only exacerbated the outrage with their stupidly misleading sensationalist headlines, like Ynet’s “Ministry … Continue reading

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