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America can dish out insults but can’t take them

The Americans have become rather adept at dishing it out when it comes to dissing Israel and Israeli politicians. But it seems that they cannot take it when the roles are reversed. Not so very long ago, former President of … Continue reading

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Turkey takes advantage of Israel’s economy but is no political ally

In theory, Turkey and Israel ought to be on the same side. Both fear the collapse of Syria into a failed Islamic state, and yet do not want Bashar Assad to emerge victorious from the civil war.  Both countries too … Continue reading

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Richard Falk and John Kerry’s wrongful statements about Israel

The terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon last week and the attempted thawing of relations between Israel and Turkey were exacerbated by outrageous and idiotic statements by diplomats and politicians, people who really ought to know better but it seems … Continue reading

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We want our apology back

Most Israelis greeted Netanyahu’s apology to Turkey for “operational errors” in the Mavi Marmara episode with mixed feelings to say the least. After various op-eds and articles assured us that the apology was simply in order to enable relations with … Continue reading

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The Israel-Syria-Turkey triangle

While we were sitting back eating our matza and enjoying Pesach (or Easter) the Middle East didn’t take any days off, with political machinations and violence spreading in all directions. We start with The Apology™, the one made by PM … Continue reading

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About that ceasefire and Egypt’s reaction

Remember that ceasefire we are all getting so het up about just a couple of days ago? We shouldn’t have bothered wasting our breath or wearing out our keyboards, because here we go again: 7 rockets launched at the south, … Continue reading

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