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Good News Friday

In this week’s Good News Friday post I want to focus on the different ways that Arabs relate with Israel. This week the Israeli judoka Sagi Muki won the gold medal at the Judo World Championship in Tokyo (h/t Reality): … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

After the terrible events of last week we are in need of a Good News Friday post more than ever. Let’s start with some great news from the Arab Emirates of all places. Israelis have become used to being banned … Continue reading

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With a little help from our friends

It is always heartening to know that Israel has very good friends even among its Arab citizens. Contrary to what one might gather from the news, they are not all terrorists or antisemites. Some of them are loyal, steadfast supporters, … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Apologies for the late – and brief – posting. A family simcha took us out of town (mazal tov to our niece and family on the birth of their baby daughter ☺ ), and what with the heat, the Petach … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

After a topsy-turvy week of a spiritual high on Rosh Hashana followed by a crashing low as we read the news, both local and foreign, it’s a relief to post another installment of Good News Friday. Following last week’s all-engulfing … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Time for another Good News Friday installment. This week we begin with a story of Israeli identity with a slightly unusual twist in Finding an unexpected Israeli identity: (emphases are mine): At first, the young man’s story sounds familiar: Tall, … Continue reading

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