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Anti-Israel UNESCO caves in to Arab pressure

We have become so used to the blatant anti-Israel bias at the United Nations that we hardly bat an eyelid any more when yet another anti-Israel resolution is passed, whether overtly critical of Israel or whether disguised as “pro-Palestinian”.  Yet … Continue reading

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Guess who’s condemning which “massacre”?

If you thought the Arab states and/or the UN and/or Russia/China are condemning the ongoing murder in Syria you would be wrong. China is calling on Israel to stop its Gaza raids. Turkey has condemned Israel’s self-defensive actions against terrorists … Continue reading

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Bloodbaths in Egypt and Syria

The violence in Syria has reached such heights, with so many protestors having been killed – the UN puts the number as at least 5,000 – that the Arab League is threatening to take Syria to the UN. The Arab … Continue reading

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Syria suspended from Arab League

In a historic move, the Arab League suspended Syria from the organization because of its massive repression of human rights and its blatant crackdown on its own civilian uprising. The Arab League called on the Syrian army to stop the … Continue reading

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The silence of the lambs UN on Syria

Does it not strike anyone as strange that the UN, so famously hyperactive when it comes to Israel and its self-defensive actions, has been so silent in the face of Syrian atrocities against its own civilians? The Daily Telegraph reports: … Continue reading

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