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Good News Friday

Another week has rushed past and it’s time for another installment of Good News Friday. We’ll start this week with some more good news from Israel’s outstanding biomedical field. Hebrew University students are working on a tiny antenna to treat … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Pesach is over and with it the mad rush to clean and cook and prepare and eat and… well, you get the picture. So it’s about time I posted another Good News Friday post. :-) This week’s installment consists of … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday and time to close another week.  Time too for another Good News Friday installment. I’ll start this week’s post with another look back into our fascinating past. A wonderful new exhibit at Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Despite the horrible week we’ve just had, or maybe because of it, I feel a need to post a Good News Friday installment this week. My first item dates back thousands of years ago: an ancient skull found in a … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

In spite of the latest bad news, or perhaps davka because of it, we need a dose of good news to uplift us before Shabbat, so here is my latest Good News Friday installment. Because the modern day is almost … Continue reading

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Good News Friday – Chanukah Edition

Shabbat Chanukah has a wonderful festive atmosphere around it, so I couldn’t let this week pass by without a Good News Friday installment. Just in time for Chanukah, with its focus on olive oil as the source of the miracle … Continue reading

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