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Meltdown in Egypt

The anti-army, pro-Morsi protests in Egypt have been growing larger and more violent by the day, and with them so has the army’s response to these protests. The army’s response as well as violence from the protestors has resulted in … Continue reading

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Egypt – Mohammed Morsi deposed by the Army

The Egyptian Army’s threats to depose President Mohammed Morsi if he did not resign by Tuesday afternoon were carried out today, with the Army effectively deposing the President: Egypt’s armed forces overthrew elected Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday and … Continue reading

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President Morsi fires Egypt’s top military echelon, surprising Israel with his power play

Apologies for being slightly behind the news, having just got back from a short holiday. Egypt’s President Morsi took surprising action by firing Egypt’s top military echelon yesterday. A government spokesman said Sunday that Egypt’s president has ordered the defense … Continue reading

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