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The West’s shameful response to the Iran protests

In my earlier post about the Iran protests I mentioned the limp response from both Western governments and Western media.  Melanie Phillips picks up on the weak institutional response from the West, saying: … utterly risible the gloss initially put … Continue reading

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Iran protests: is the regime in danger?

(Apologies for the lack of posting this past week. I was somewhat preoccupied with the shiva.) When I came back online I discovered that Iran has been undergoing massive popular protests that might possibly even threaten the regime. It seems … Continue reading

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The Iran deal

Apologies for the lack of posting but I’ve gone down with a summer flu, which seems entirely appropriate given the appalling news that has dominated the media today. The Iran deal which appears to have been “cinched” – i.e. America’s … Continue reading

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Middle East news catch-up: Iran, Jerusalem, the UN and the Palestinians

Here is a (very) short roundup of news that deserves some attention, but which I missed since I was computerless for a couple of days. As Pete mentioned in his comment on the previous post, Barack Obama wrote another letter … Continue reading

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The West is about to ease Iran sanctions, Russia wants Iran involved in Syria talks

As we feared last month, the West’s capitulation to Iran is indeed deepening, as rumours abound that the West, led by America, is about to ease sanctions on Iran in exchange for a spurious “scaling back” of its nuclear program: … Continue reading

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Reflections on the election of Hassan Rohani

As I mentioned earlier, while Hassan Rohani’s election as president of Iran was welcomed as a reformer, it was also advised, especially by Binyamin Netanyahu, to “approach with caution”. As to be expected however, Israel’s very own Delusionist-in-chief, aka President … Continue reading

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