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Good News Friday

Another week has rushed by and it’s time for another Good News Friday installment. This week we’re going for an international flavour. My first item simply highlights the incredible distance Israel has travelled in a mere 71 years, and demonstrates … Continue reading

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Naming the enemy: Radical Islam

Barack Obama’s denial of reality with anything connected to radical Islam (see my previous post for example) was demonstrated vividly with his utterly absurd (and later frantically back-pedalled) downplaying of Muslim terror attacks against Jews in Europe as attacks on … Continue reading

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More Middle Eastern complications

In a very interesting turn of events, Bahrain has become the first Arab country to blacklist the Hezbollah terrorist group: Bahrain on Tuesday became the first Arab country to officially blacklist the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, … Continue reading

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Pillar of Cloud: Updates for Day 6 amid talks about ceasefire

Once again apologies for the lateness of this blog post. Day 6 of Operation Pillar of Cloud was marked by a decline in rocket attacks from Gaza and talk about a possible ceasefire. “Decline in rocket attacks” however is only … Continue reading

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In other news from the Middle East

We are so caught up with events in our own little backyard that we tend to forget that the rest of the Middle East is roiling in upheaval.  The Egyptian spring is turning into a long dry summer; in Syria … Continue reading

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