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Baruch Dayan Emet: Prof. Barry Rubin 1950-2014

The pro-Israel community lost a valuable friend and intellectual powerhouse yesterday with the passing of Prof. Barry Rubin. I never had the privilege of meeting him though I did exchange an email or two in the past and he was … Continue reading

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Once again the US focuses on Israel while the Middle East burns

I have written before about the world’s obsessive attitude towards the Israel-Palestinian peace process, and especially the near-pathological disproportionate aversion to Israeli settlements, and the futility of the peace process. Now even the New York Times has seen fit to … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Once again, despite the amount of bad news in the media, there is always a spot of good news to be found if one only looks hard enough. (And believe me, I looked very hard this week!). So here is … Continue reading

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The latest Arab peace initiative: positive or a scam?

The news in the last few days has been full of reports about the latest Arab Peace Initiative, apparently a revised and updated version of their last attempt. To recap the long-forgotten details, the original 2002 Arab (or Saudi) Peace … Continue reading

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Thirteen books by Prof. Barry Rubin available for free downloading

Thirteen books written by the renowned Middle East expert and prolific author Professor Barry Rubin are being made available free for readers by browsing or downloading from the Global Research in International Affairs  (GLORIA Center). There are more details about … Continue reading

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Israel’s options for survival and growth in the face of Arab rejectionism

Some recent comments on my blog were full of pessimism at the thought of Israel’s future, or even the possibility that Israel might not even have a future (G-d forbid). It’s true that when one reads reports of the rise … Continue reading

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