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Boycotters boycotted! Hear them whine

Last week Israel finally did something they should have done a long time ago – they refused entry to 5 BDS bigots who wanted to travel to Israel only to stir up trouble. Five members of an interfaith delegation to … Continue reading

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The Global March to Jerusalem – another attempt to breach Israel’s borders

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims, anti-Israel activists and assorted ill-wishers are planning to take part in a “Global March to Jerusalem” tomorrow, March 30th, also known to Palestinians as Land Day. [UPDATE: I will update any important events related to … Continue reading

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Guardian calls Israeli border fences a sign of weakness

Harriet Sherwood, the Guardian’s official Jerusalem correspondent,  has produced a strange article which both sneers at and condemns Israel’s border fences on ALL its borders (not just the West Bank), citing “critics who call it a sign of weakness” and … Continue reading

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The full international legal rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel

I was going to title this thread “Give peace a chance” because that is the title of the organization that put together and distributed the video below, but I thought it does not quite express either what I want to … Continue reading

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Syria and Hezbollah paid the locals to infiltrate Israel’s borders

These two bastions of international justice and mercy have so much confidence in their ideology that they had to bribe the local residents to protest and invade Israel’s borders, both on “Naqba Day” 3 weeks ago, and yesterday on “Naqsa … Continue reading

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So much for the cancelled border protests

Events overtook me today while I was at work, and my post of this morning is already out of date.   Four Syrians were killed at the Israel-Syria border fence (or three, or six, depending on which report you read), … Continue reading

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