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It’s all about the facts (or is it?)

I’m sure you all feel the same frustration and anger at the hostile media and foreign do-gooders, as well as some foreign governments, who seem incapable or unwilling to understand Israel’s position vis-a-vis the Palestinians or the Arab world in … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

I’m having great difficulty in posting any good news this week, but still, it’s Friday, and I don’t want to skip a Good News Friday post. So I’m going to take the easy way out and post some incredible posts … Continue reading

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Caroline Glick’s One-State Solution

We’ve heard about the “wonders” of the Two State Solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict for decades now, and yet the more the idea is promoted, the worse the violence seems to get. The problem has become seemingly intractable, with every … Continue reading

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Caroline Glick slams the Danish Ambassador on Europe’s “singular standard” on Israel

The Jerusalem Post is currently holding an international diplomatic conference and there are some very interesting discussions going on. The Post reported on Friday (h/t Elder of Ziyon) on an altercation between Post senior contributing editor Caroline Glick and the … Continue reading

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Caroline Glick teaches the British a history lesson

I don’t know how I missed this great video from Caroline Glick, (h/t Henry) but even though it’s already 6 months old it is still as relevant as ever. In fact I could have used everything that Ms. Glick said … Continue reading

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The latest Arab peace initiative: positive or a scam?

The news in the last few days has been full of reports about the latest Arab Peace Initiative, apparently a revised and updated version of their last attempt. To recap the long-forgotten details, the original 2002 Arab (or Saudi) Peace … Continue reading

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