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More on anti-Israel media bias re Gaza, plus a mea culpa

This is the gift that keeps on giving, the subject that never dies away. As I have written previously, and especially in this latest round of clashes in Gaza, the automatic bias in international forums against Israel is almost Pavlovian. … Continue reading

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American embassies attacked in Cairo, Benghazi, one American killed, because of a film about Islam

Ah, those moderate peace-loving Muslims. It only takes a film to enrage and inflame them to such an extent that they will storm American embassies around the Middle East, and kill any available American that they can find. In Cairo, … Continue reading

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Channel 4’s “The Promise” debunked

I received this article from the email list of British-Israel Group, a Jewish British media monitoring group who do sterling work in my favourite field. The article is currently not up on their website so I will post it verbatim … Continue reading

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