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Guardian’s Khaled Diab decries Palestinian fixation on right of return, but aims for one-state solution instead

This article is a cross-post from CiFWatch. It’s Naqba Day, and the Guardian is certainly not one to miss an opportunity to bash Israel. Yesterday’s contribution to this landmark day was an article by Khaled Diab who is: …a regular … Continue reading

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Guardian’s David Hearst compares Israel to Syria

This article was cross-posted on CiFWatch. David Hearst, one of the Guardian’s “foreign leader writers” according to his bio, has never met a dictator or Israel-hater he didn’t love. In his article in yesterday’s Commentisfree, in which he addressed the … Continue reading

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The Guardian’s death-wish for Israel

This was cross-posted on CiFWatch. Every time you think the Guardian has reached bottom, it digs and finds an even lower depth of hatred towards Israel. The glee with which their writers speculate about the possible demise of Israel, sorry, … Continue reading

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