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Good News Friday

Another week has rushed past and it’s time for another installment of Good News Friday. We’ll start this week with some more good news from Israel’s outstanding biomedical field. Hebrew University students are working on a tiny antenna to treat … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Since I’ve just walked in from our wonderful and much too short vacation in Venice and Rome, this is going to be a rather short Good News Friday installment, but better short than not at all! With thanks to my … Continue reading

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The cyber-attack that wasn’t

The computer-hacking group (“hacktivists”) who call themselves “Anonymous” announced last week that they were planning a huge cyber-attack, nicknamed #OpIsrael, on Israel this Sunday, 7th April, which also happened to be (coincidentally or not) Yom Hashoah.  The attack’s aim was … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Time to dig ourselves out from under the snow and water and get ready for Shabbat with another Good News Friday post. It’s tempting to mention the amazing water level rise of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in this week’s … Continue reading

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Powerful new cyber weapon hits Iran

Meet “Flame”, the newest and most powerful cyber-virus to hit Iranian computers, as well as many more around the Middle East. However, there is a twist in this tail tale, since the virus has apparently also infected Israeli computers, at … Continue reading

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A lighter look at life

Enough of all the serious stuff. It’s time for a break and a quick look at the lighter side of life. This time it’s not children but parents: specifically, parents and computers. I’ve even had to create a new tag, … Continue reading

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