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UK media coverage of the rocket fire onto the south of Israel

Due to the lack of world outrage at the massive rocket barrage that has been launched by Hamas and its allies against Israel’s southern communities, and fully expecting international outrage the moment Israel retaliates or carries out any kind of … Continue reading

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Once again “Israel hit back first”, or Israel struck for no reason

UPDATED (several times) at the end of this post. As I remarked in yesterday’s post about the renewed missile fire into Israel’s south, I wanted to make a point about the timeline of events in case the international media reversed … Continue reading

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Britain’s Defence Secretary, his adviser, the UK media and the Mossad

If the mishmash in the title doesn’t intrigue you then you’ve obviously not been keeping up with the UK news. The story in short, as far as I can make out (and I admit that I find it hard to … Continue reading

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Telegraph Timeline of Israel-Palestinian conflict omits Palestinian terrorism

Today’s Daily Telegraph published a Timeline of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict which was shocking in its incompleteness and by definition its one-sidedness.  I reproduce it here in full so that you can judge for yourselves.  I have inserted the events omitted … Continue reading

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Palestinian refugees driven out under attack. Outrage anyone?

Where’s the outrage you may ask? Well, it all depends on who is doing the attacking and who is doing the driving out, let alone who is doing the killing. The Independent writes a very brief, neutral-toned item about the … Continue reading

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